• European Expanded Cinema

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    Expanded cinema represents an intersection of hybrid and performative audiovisual practices that have met a reupdate after the 2000s in the field of contemporary art and experimental cinema. The History and Aesthethics of Cinema Section at the University of Lausanne and the research project HES-SO Cinema exposé at ECAL organize at the Sputnik Cinema (Geneva), 27 September 2013, a study day and evening performance on these artistic manifestations. The expanded cinema is at the intersection of the areas of independent film, performance, experimental music, contemporary dance, poetry and visual art installation, while deploying in places the mass culture.

    With the occasion of this study day, there will be an opportunity to trace the expanded cinema performances that are deployed in Europe and regroup on a theoretical plan the visual and hearing devices mobilized by these expanded artistic practice, taking as case studies in Switzerland, Italy, France and Britain. We thus separate from current studies on this phenomenon, which mainly focus on the American scene. The challenge is to confront theoretical issues in artistic practices, crossing lectures by academics, curators and artists in live performances with film.

    Organized by Section d’histoire et esthétique du cinéma, 
    Université de Lausanne, Cinéma exposé, HES-SO / ECAL


    Friday, September 27, 2013 (All day)


    Cinéma Spoutnik - Genève, Switzerland