Moving Image Salon - Launch Event

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The Moving Image Salon is a monthly gathering in London for artists working in the fields of moving image and experimental filmmaking. It is intended as a relaxed and open space for conversation and exchange about contemporary moving image practices, a networking event and critical forum.

This first session will begin with a presentation by Moving Image Salon‘s Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais who will introduce themselves, their own work and speak about their intentions with launching this project.

Each salon features an invited guest who will present and discuss their work, this month’s guest will be filmmaker Toby Tatum.

“Toby Tatum’s films exist in an ethereal space just beyond the grasp of the physical world, they seem to capture those mysterious moments when something is seen out of the corner of one’s eye in the shadows of the trees on a bright hazy summer’s day, or in the light bouncing on the water of a bubbling stream. These short films…are windows into parallel dimensions, a wood between worlds mostly unpopulated by humans, a dimension where time seems to stretch and warp.”

The second half of all Moving Image Salon‘s is an open platform for artists to introduce themselves and their work and engage in discussion about contemporary moving image practices. If you are an artist wishing to present something please arrive early to sign up, spaces for presenting will be limited.

All Moving Image Salon events are free.



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Friday, May 31, 2019 - 15:00
  • 8 Vine Yard
    SE1 1QL   London
    United Kingdom
    51° 30' 3.8556" N, 0° 5' 38.4" W