Edge of Frame: Journeys into Experimental Animation

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A special day of screenings, celebrating the vibrant field of experimental animation.

From bold personal visions to intricate and visually stunning formal experiments, this expansive screening programme mixes contemporary animation by British and international artists with classic and rarely seen historical works. Showcasing animation at the cutting edge of moving image practice, the programme reveals connections and threads running through the many forms of experimental animation.

Journeys into Experimental Animation features three screening programmes of international artists’ animation. Two of these are curated by Edwin Rostron of Edge of Frame, and one is a special guest-curated programme from Lilli Carré and Alexander Stewart, co-directors of Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation. Alexander and Edwin will introduce the programmes, and a number of the filmmakers will be present.

The event is part of the Edge of Frame Weekend, which also includes a public seminar addressing questions around the context for animation practice, and further screenings at Close-Up Cinema. It is supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Royal College of Art, and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. The event takes place during the Whitechapel’s William Kentridge exhibition, and is part of the London International Animation Festival.



11:30 Introductions

11.45 Journey One Curated by Edwin Rostron (Edge of Frame) A selection of intricately constructed animations charting the multi-layered spaces we exist within, at once inside our heads and outside our bodies; social, psychological and geographical. These overlapping planes of experience are brought to vivid life through these unexpected and exhilarating visions, showing the dynamic potential of animation as an art form.

  • Mind Frame – Jake Fried (2016)
  • Save Me – Stuart Hilton (1994)
  • Eaves Apart – Sebastian Buerkner (2015)
  • The Poetry Winner – Jennifer Levonian (2012)
  • Enough to Drive You Mad – Karen Yasinsky (2009)
  • Lazy Daze – Brian Smee (2016)
  • Velocity – Karolina Glusiec (2012)
  • Jukebox – Run Wrake (1994)
  • Nightclub – Jonathan Hodgson (1983)
  • Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was – Laura Harrison (2016)
  • GREEN | RED – Peter Burr (2014)
  • Such a Good Place to Die – Onohana (2015)

13:15 Break

14:15 Journey Two Curated by Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré (Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation) Eyeworks Festival focuses on abstract animation and unconventional character animation, drawing on the lineage of avant-garde cinema as well as the tradition of classic character animation and cartooning. This specially curated programme features films selected from past Eyeworks screenings, and will be presented by festival co-director Alexander Stewart.

  • Untitled – Oliver Laric (2014-15)
  • Trial Balloons – Robert Breer (1982)
  • 1984 Music for Modern Americans – Susan Young and Emma Calder (1984)
  • Futon – Yoriko Mizushiri (2012)
  • The Presentation Theme – Jim Trainor (2008)
  • Maxwell’s Demon – James Duesing (1990)
  • Tanka – David Lebrun (1976)
  • Light Weight – Stefan Gruber, Kevin Glick, and Leinors Allen (1999)
  • Two Space – Larry Cuba (1979)
  • Hammam – Florence Miailhe (1992)

16:00 Break

16:30 Journey Three Curated by Edwin Rostron (Edge of Frame) The animations in this programme address different kinds of systems; from structures of oppression and control to modes of classification and categorisation. Through a wide variety of techniques these artists channel forces of subversion, destruction, celebration or acquiescence, showing how we use these systems, react against them, or simply attempt to survive within their grasp.

  • Soft Crash – Alan Warburton (2016)
  • Six God Alphabet Peter – Peter Millard (2016)
  • Taxonomy – Karen Aqua (2011)
  • Flaws – Josh Shaffner (2014)
  • Monkey – Shen Jie (2015)
  • Gray Hairs – Annapurna Kumar (2015)
  • Lauren Gregory’s TV – Lauren Gregory (2009)
  • Jessica – Amy Lockhart (2014)
  • Cineblatz – Jeff Keen (1967)
  • Yield – Caleb Wood (2014)
  • Myth Labs – Martha Colburn (2008)
  • The Classroom – Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva (2012)
  • More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters – Kelly Gallagher (2016)
  • Austerity Cycle – Jonathan Gillie (2016)
  • Second Sun – Leslie Supnet (2014)
  • Easyout – Pat O’Neill (1971)


Whitechapel Gallery - London, United Kingdom


Saturday, December 10, 2016 - 11:30 to Sunday, December 11, 2016 - 17:55



Saturday, December 10, 2016 - 11:30 to Sunday, December 11, 2016 - 17:55
  • 77-82 Whitechapel High Streetº
    E1 7QX   London
    United Kingdom
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