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Film manipulates textures of the ordinary, and magic is conjured in its folds. The shorts in Something Spilled study the cracks where imaginary leaks into real: questions of memory, certainty, and liminality arise. Curated by Emma Dollery and Mary Rose McClain, the program features 8 films by an eclectic group of local and international filmmakers whose take on the theme, differing widely in aesthetic mode, is a testament to an abundance of mysterious callings.  

Join us the 10th of April to see the films of local filmmaker Charlotte Clermont; London & Seoul based media artist and animator, Yoon Kyeong Yang; expanded cinema artist based on Hawaiʻi Island Tori Greco Hiranaka; Montréal local Emma Dollery and germinating artist from NYC, Mary Rose McClain.


Lucina Annulata
Charlotte Clermont | 2021 | Super 8 to digital | 4 mins 12 sec
Sunny. Semantic sequences guide the gaze, a gaze that is sometimes raised, propelled downwards, then too high or motionless in front of an unrecognizable and yet so familiar vision. The images, linked by echoes of chromatic palettes and linear layers, scroll to the rhythm of a voice reminiscent of an incantation. Sacred.

The innumerable things that exist
Yoon Kyeong Yang | 2023 | Digital | 1 min 30 sec
In this era when cash disappeared, you can only check whether I paid or if you took the money with one receipt. questions about existence

When I work, I touch countless receipts.
In London, I barely used cash.

With the question of whether money really exists
I wondered if I also existed in front of the wealth made up of 0 and 1.
I bought a receipt machine and tested this and that.
There is no conclusion.
I tried visualising with only this question.

The ones at the extremes.
Between 0 and 1
black and white
There are a myriad of things.
Just as what’s not black is not white
I wanted to be blue between black and white.

Sine Die
Camila Moreiras | 2021 | 16mm to digital | 15 mins
Amid desert landscapes and chain-link fences, plutonium lay scattered and buried in the town of Palomares, Spain. A voiceover narration describes an undisclosed medical condition, and land and body converge in the uncomfortable difference between recovery and survival. Telling two divergent stories in parallel, Sine die is based on real events that correspond to physical contamination, whether that be the earth or the body – the director’s – that together invoke a condition of the chronically present.

Nayla Dabaji | 2014 | Single-channel video | 8 mins 11sec
A fictional character falling down from the sky recalls her/his previous failed attempts to cross the border, which she/he magically survives each time. The causes and the consequences of the fall are not revealed, permitting the video to focus on an interval of time and explore both the idealism and the deception linked to migration.

The World, Sword and Scepter
Mary Rose McClain | 2024 | Super 8 to numérique | 1 min 30 sec
Someone invokes the powers of the great belline tarot deck: the world, the mistress of the scepter, the jack of swords; with paranormal music by Alex Potter.

Nānā I Ke Kumu
Tori Greco Hiranaka | 2023 | digital | 5 mins
Nānā I Ke Kumu is a love letter to, and document of, the kumu (teacher) who is poetry itself. Through the paralleling worlds of nature and music, we gain a glimpse into the legendary Hawaiian musician, and wilderness survival expert’s, worldview. We follow the melodic rhythm and harmony found in nature with Brother Noland as our guide.

where she stood in the first place.
Lindsay McIntyre | 2012 | 16mm to numérique | 10 mins
Situated at the geographic centre of Canada, Baker Lake, Nunavut is the only inland settlement in the Canadian Arctic. Fixing its gaze on this stark landscape, McIntyre’s haunting and sparse film uses hand wrought black and white 16mm film in a meditation on place and personal histories. (Images Festival) One of the 5 works in the Bloodline series.

Rosetta’s Lucky House
Emma Dollery and Mary Rose McClain | 2024 | super8 à numérique | 4 min 18 sec
Rosetta’s Lucky House brims with love and charm. Demonstrating three superstitions that she brought with her from Sicily to America in 1955, Grandma Rosetta invites the Goddess Fortuna over for a glass of wine and to stay a while.

Shot in Emma’s Montreal apartment, which is now also lucky, the film is set in a delicate space between myth and reality. The tapestry of classic Super 8 textures, as well as Domenico Modungno’s shimmering 1959 Eurovision hit, mirror the timelessness of the magic displayed: you too, could have a lucky home… if you follow Rosetta’s advice.


la lumière collective - Montréal, Canadá


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