Frequency in Motion in Hong Kong

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frequency in motion 振頻迴響


Live sounds, field recordings, objects, music: Chris H.Lynn (US) x Hiroko Komiya 小宮廣子 (JP)

Super 8 and digital film: Chris H.Lynn (US)

With Butoh dance performers loku Ero Nikaido 二階堂 伊奥 (HK)、Kiwi Chan 陳家蔚 (HK) & guest dancer (JP)

Silent images on the screen

A Dancer pauses

sounds and notes linger on frequency in motion


萬物皆為頻率,一聲一吭造就不同迴響。一個空的空間內,Hiroko 以聲音出發,結合 Chris 的影像,舞者或停或動般遊走探索。「念念不忘,必有回響」,同頻共振,一念一思間造就共鳴風景。

Hiroko Komiya ; object sound, percussion and voice 

She expresses the image which comes from the air, space, movements, inner body, memory and transforms it into the sound without bound melody or rhythm. She regularly accompanies Atsushi Takenouchi’s JINEN Butoh as musician since 1999. Based in Europe since 2002, she's been playing music for his performance and Butoh workshop internationally.

Apart from Butoh, she collaborates with film, sculptor, painter, poet, costume designer and performers for exhibition, installation. In 2021, started project with Chris H.Lynn ; US film/sound artist, and created audio visual performance with dancers (Hybrid Butoh Vienna Art Fes2022, Warsaw2023, Barcelona2023, Mexico2024 ).

Solo CD release; “eau nouvelle“(sometimestudio/Paris 2009), “Pendulum Sea”( beng!dischi/Italy 2016)

Chris H. Lynn is a filmmaker, sound artist, educator, and curator from the United States. His digital images and Super 8 films explore the subtle rhythms of movement, light, and sound in urban and rural landscapes that vary from the Eastern shores of Maryland, U.S. to Nanjing, China. His work has been shown at the Librairie Avant-Garde, Nanjing, China, UNZALAB in Milan, Italy, American Film Institute (AFI) in Silver Spring, Md, Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinamericano Habana, Cuba, Goethe Institut, Washington D.C., The Anthology Film Archives, NYC, and a variety of venues internationally. His work was featured in the book Cinema and the Audiovisual Imagination by Robert Robertson.

His sound works have been published on Impulsive Habitat, Verz Imprint, Green Field Recordings, Kandala Records, Plus Timbre and echOmusic and have appeared on radio programs worldwide.

Live sounds, field recordings, objects, music  聲音及現場音樂: Chris H.Lynn (US) x Hiroko Komiya 小宮廣子 (JP)

Super 8 and digital film超8影片及錄像: Chris H.Lynn (US)

Butoh dance performers舞踏表演者: 二階堂 伊奥 (HK)、陳家蔚 (HK) & guest dancer (JP)

Project Producer 項目製作人:陳家蔚

Presented by主辦:一與異作邦



Jockey Club Black Box Theatre, JCCAC - Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - 20:00



Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - 20:00
  • 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
    Hong Kong S.A.R., China
    22° 20' 4.794" N, 114° 9' 56.5884" E