Brigade Rouge, Poésie Noire Fest #2

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Brigade Rouge, Poésie Noire returns for a new issue after 2 years of absence. This festival gives pride of place to tortuous itineraries and convoluted paths through a film and musical program.

4 sessions, 3 live performances: this is the proposal that will be made to you on Saturday May 18 at the Café de Paris for this ULTIMATE Parisian edition.

Session 1
1:30 p.m. • “Groupe Merle Noir” by Anton Bialas / 2021, 44’ (VF)
in the presence of the director (subject to reservation)
In the heart of a French village, five individuals existing under the name Groupe Merle Noir wander silently in a house, preparing for an extreme symbolic act.
preceded by “Le Havre: Port” by Christophe Guérin / 2008, 6'

Session 2
2:50 p.m. • “Sublimation” by James Fotopoulos / 2003, 76’ (VO)
presented by Nina Le Cocq (Chrystie Canyon)
The two female characters from a previous film by James Fotopoulos appear in a new environment: a minimalist apartment in black and white, performing repetitive and frozen gestures, captured on magnetic tape...
preceded by “Concrete of Angels” by Vera Hector / 2020, 25'

Session 3
4:30 p.m. • “Neko Mimi” by Jun Kurosawa / 1993, 81’ (in VOSTFR)
presented by Andres Komatsu
Enigmatic and experimental work by Jun Kurosawa in which three girls and a boy plunge into a game defined by strange rules. Their lives also seem to be a never-ending repetition.
preceded by “Twins” by Vera Hector / 2022, 2'

Last session
6:05 p.m. • “My Degeneration” by Jon Moritsugu / 1993, 60’ (in VOSTFR)
The first feature film from punk and underground director Jon Moritsugu, the film tells the story of an all-female rock band playing for the beef industry. A “semiotic and drunken presentation through a grainy sewer of filth and noise” says Moritsugu.
preceded by “The abyss of the vile(s)” by Andres Komatsu / 2024, 6'

Live / closing of the festival (҂◡_◡) 8:30 p.m.
• Meryll Ampe (Paris)
Establishing links between her sound and sculptural practice, Meryll conceives of sound as a medium to be sculpted in real time and improvises from analog sources. Playing with the interweaving of volumes, perspectives and dynamics, he creates sharp and raw materials.
Often he brushes against the limits of sound and digs into its flesh with an abiding interest in physicality and porosity. Live, he engages in an instinctive and radical way, calling on listening to the place and the body which serves as a barometer to weave massive and organic sound states which unfold, intersect, mix or decompose.

• Deadheat (Paris)
Naïma Maré & Emilia Wysocka
Electronic percussion and no-input board establishing links between Paris and Lyon, Deadheat's music was formed during a hot summer experienced by Naïma Maré & Emilia Wysocka.

• Shame (Le Havre)
Post-industrial electronics project and bastard child of the French capital of tuberculosis, Shame emerged in 2021.
Le Havre duo fed on the bad frequencies of the international noise scene releases its romanticism in noise testimonies mixing exorcism, enslavement and confessions of impotence.


Café de Paris - Paris, France


Saturday, May 18, 2024 (All day)



Saturday, May 18, 2024 (All day)


  • 158 Rue Oberkampf
    75011   Paris
    48° 51' 59.7744" N, 2° 22' 56.2548" E