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PAF - Festival of Film Animation

A four-day festival of film animation and modern art (held annually in December in Olomouc)

Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival

Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival / video art, sound art, experimental film, music and architecture / is taking a place in unique settings o

Plastik Festival

PLASTIK is a unique platform for the engagement and appreciation of artists' moving image in Ireland. 


PoetryFilm celebrates films based on poems, poems turned into films, collaborations, text-based films, and other avant-garde text/image material. Events feature short films accompanied by live performances or discussion.

Proceso de Error

Organized by INVE Plataforma Experimental de Artes, the Festival “Proceso de Error” has consolidated as an unique event in Chile that pro

Process Festival

“Process” is the first experimental film festival in the Baltics dedicated to experimental, analog filmmaking.

Projections - NYFF

The New York Film Festival’s Projections section presents an international selection of artists’ film and video work that expands upon ou

Punto de Vista
  • To Punto de Vista, a documentary is a meeting point.
  • Punto de Vista is a space where encounters occur at different levels, in an innovative, groundbreaking spirit.
  • Punto de Vista focuses on those filmmakers who take risks and make bold statements with their work, always on the quest.
  • Punto de Vista appreciates filmmakers' moral commitment to the subjects in their films and the audiences that watch them.
  • The Official Selection of Punto de Vista encourages the understanding of reality and the independent forms of expression.
  • Punto de Vista celebrates non-fiction film.
Punto y Raya Festival

Punto y Raya explores audiovisual art (film, animation, installation, and live performance) in its purest state: Form, C


PXL THIS, featuring films made with the Fisher-Price PXL 2000 toy camcorder, is one of the longest running film festivals in the entertai