Jim Read

I started photography aged 12, darkroom caper for years, made my own 4x5, found Photoshop 1989 version free with a scanner up till 4:00AM reading the manual, digital darkroom. Made montages with a later version, 2015 saw Bill Viola's stuff in Yorkshire, changed my life. Found I could join my pics in video software had my 1st screening in 2016 and 21 more until 2018. Ran out of steam, lost interest.

Recently (a few days ago) I found this site, saw Antony Gormley's 'what do artists do all day' and thought I would start again and did this;

Local Figurative

My first video made as 'different' and for me an experiment. All images and video clips made on local walks with an old secondhand point and shoot compact camera, gaffer tape on the front and a failing LCD.

Having found this site on the 26th and seeing a suitable call asking for local stuff to be in by the 30th. I obtained some better software as well and was determined to get to grips with its complications. That meant a couple of days 'burning the candle at both ends'.

I walked around our small town often kneeling on my hat to get odd angles with the P&S. Each time I returned I added more bits to the video. I used Cora Thwaites as the figure she's a DAZ3D person created by Adam Thwaites in Scarborough. She's fairly good at Ballet poses and really enjoys trying right down to her individual finger joints.

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