Punto y Raya Festival

Punto y Raya explores audiovisual art (film, animation, installation, and live performance) in its purest state: Form, Colour, Motion, Sound. No representation! This renders it Universal and Timeless. Since its launch in 2007, Punto y Raya aims to overcome intercultural barriers and bring together people from all over the world under the motto 'Back to basics'.

With seven installments under its belt, the event takes place every two years in major venues in contemporary creation and new technologies, like ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany | HARPA Reykjavík, Iceland | CeTA Wroclaw, Poland | Reina Sofía Museum Madrid, Spain | CCCB Barcelona, Spain, amongst others. Encompassing the greatest community in the genre, and a distribution platform spanning over 45 cities worldwide, Punto y Raya has established itself as the benchmark for Abstract Art in Motion.

The upcoming edition of the festival will take place from October 25th-28th 2018 at CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center) in Wroclaw, Poland, with free admission.

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Noel Palazzo



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