Mire’s unmissable annual event PRISME highlights an inventive and engaged contemporary analog cinema interacting with other practices such as photographic, visual, sonic & performative arts.

PRISME – Argentique du futur was born in an effort to shed light upon the dynamic international network of artist-run cinema labs, of which Mire is a part. These 61 active labs share the same values of mutual aid through the exchange of knowledge and production tools as well as sharing the belief that a technical hands-on approach to cinema, without it being an absolute, nourishes the artistic process.

In opposition to a presumed inevitable obsolescence of technologies, PRISME stands by the belief that photochemical cinema, a centenary medium, holds its place in the present day, side by side with the most recent moving images technology, and hasn’t lost any of its innovative potential.

PRISME strives to explore cinema through a multidimensional lens, whether it undertakes installation-form, linear film, cinematic performance, as well as whether it occupies a scenic or museum environment, a movie theater or even public spaces. Proto, pre, post, para cinema or expanded cinema, PRISME claims a protean cinema with endless possibilities.

To enrich its aperture, PRISME includes other disciplines and practices in order to think of cinema through collusion and artistic dialogue leading to hybrid, unexpected forms, eluding typology. What is valued above all else are ways of doing and thinking : DIY, ingenuity, re-purposing, contemplation, curiosity, political thought and activism.

Each edition’s program is curated as a whole of which each fragment echoes and completes another. The contexts of the screenings, performances, workshops and meetings are taken into account in order to create a sense of community, a space for genuine idea circulation and interaction between the works, the artists and the public.

At the heart of Mire’s activity, PRISME – Argentique du futur is a collective effort undertaken by the life force of the organization from start to finish, and is conceived as an invitation to an esthetic and sensory joint experience.



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