The Experimenta Film Society presents Otherfilm

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Sally GoldingThe Experimenta Film Society presents Otherfilm
Wednesday 12th January, 18:30h
Jagaa Creative Common Ground
Rhenius Street, Off Richmond Road, Opposite the Hockey Association Stadium main gate, Shanthinagar, Bangalore

The Experimenta Film Society (EFS) kick starts 2011 with a film performance by performance artist Sally Golding of Otherfilm, Australia, who has been on a residency with EFS in Bangalore. Sally Golding works on the cusp of performance, moving image art and visual hallucination. She will be performing for the first time in India, and will use 16mm film projectors, harnessing the opt...ical sound printed onto the film in an abstract and experimental multi-performance event for sound and vision. Sally will be accompanied by musicians Andreas Otto (fello) and ISRO (electronics).

During her residency with EFS, Sally conducted workshops on handmade film and contact printing for film students at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. We take great pleasure in premiering the visually stunning films made through these workshops at this event.

Sally Golding ‘s work exists within the framework of expanded cinema. Sally combines film-making with installation and performance. Golding deconstructs cinematic materials and apparatus, slipping between materialist investigation, sculptural forms, and bodily intervention. Cracked cinema for darkroom compositions, light bleed, contorted projection sports, dismembered narrative, whimsical instructional and wanton optics. Sally co-directs OtherFilm, a Brisbane based audiovisual and music festival dedicated to screening programs, performance events, exhibitions, workshops, articles, research, discussions and arguments.

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