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In a groundbreaking collaboration bridging continents and cultures, Platform-101, the pioneering hub for digital art in Iran, has joined forces with, the esteemed platform championing Glitch Art in Brazil. This historic partnership marks a significant milestone in the global dissemination of Glitch Art, as ten Iranian video artists from Platform-101, including Arash Masoom, Arezou Ramezani, Mohammad Abdollahzade, Mohammad Ali Famori, Nima Mansoury, Niloufar Baniasadi, Reza Famori, Sadegh Majlesi, Shiva Tabar, and Yasamin Asgharizadeh, have contributed to the International Online Exhibition’s fourth edition., under the leadership of visionary Cleber Gazana, stands as a prominent platform in Brazil devoted to championing Glitch Art. With Gazana's extensive background in Visual Arts and multimedia design, the platform has played a pivotal role in advancing innovative digital art forms, continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Gazana's influence extends beyond curatorial efforts, as he is also a celebrated artist whose works grace esteemed exhibitions worldwide. Through, Gazana spearheads initiatives to support emerging artists and nurture dialogue within the digital art community, further solidifying Brazil's impact on the global art scene.

Platform 101, on the other hand, has established itself as a frontrunner in the digital art realm, specialising in glitch and fractal art genres while fostering an inventive environment for Iranian and international artists. With an unyielding dedication to pushing artistic boundaries, the platform consistently showcases cutting-edge research projects and participates in prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including recent involvement as Iran’s pavilion in The Wrong Biennial. Over the years, Platform 101 has led the charge in introducing and promoting digital art globally, notably through collaborations such as the second edition of IROMEDIA event in Tehran and significant contributions to exhibitions like "Glitch Art is Dead" in Minnesota, USA, and the "Hexaton of Sacred Geometry" in Washington.

Through their collaboration with Glitch Art Brazil, curated by Cleber Gazana, Platform 101 amplifies its mission to explore the dynamic intersection of technology and art. Mohammad Ali Famori, both a multidisciplinary artist and the founder of Platform 101, brings invaluable experience and insight to the curation process. Famori’s meticulous selection of Iranian video artists for Glitch Art Brazil enriches the platform with diverse perspectives, expanding its global reach and fostering meaningful cross-cultural dialogue within the digital art community.

The partnership between Platform-101 and symbolizes the convergence of diverse artistic traditions, united by a shared passion for innovation. Through this collaboration, audiences worldwide gain insight into the vibrant landscape of Iranian Glitch Art, challenging perceptions and nurturing cross-cultural dialogue.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, an exclusive ebook showcasing the collaborative efforts of Platform-101 and has been released. Featuring insights from participating artists, curator commentary, and a curated selection of artworks, the ebook provides an immersive exploration of the fusion between Iranian and Brazilian Glitch Art.

For those eager to delve deeper into this collaboration, the ebook is now available for download here.

Explore the global art form, unveiling the dynamic interplay of cultures and creativity that defines the fusion of Glitch Art in Iran and Brazil.

More about the artists:
1. Arash Masoom: A multidisciplinary art director and visual designer, Arash Masoom brings a human-centered design approach to his work, drawing from a background in Arts and Cultural Management. His recent video artwork, "EPILEPSY," explores Hegel's three-stage theory, reflecting on culture's cultivation, perfection, and eventual destruction.

2. Arezou Ramezani: Arezou Ramezani, a London-based Iranian visual artist and podcaster, intricately explores the complexities of life and human emotions in her artwork. Her video art delves into the chaos and duality inherent in existence, drawing inspiration from fractal dimensions and the allegory of the Garden of Eden.

3. Mohammad Abdollahzade: Mohammad Abdollahzade merges art with technology, crafting generative art through mathematical codes. His video art, "ANARCHY," delves into Hegel's cultural theory while aiming to forge deep connections with his audience.

4. Mohammad Ali Famori: Mohammad Ali Famori, an award-winning Multidisciplinary Artist, Art Director, and Curator, showcases his expertise in the fine art industry through diverse creative projects and international exhibitions. His work reflects his mission to illuminate the fractal and geometric aspects of creation.

5. Nima Mansoury: Nima Mansoury, a professional photographer and video artist from Tehran, focuses on form and detail in his diverse portfolio, exploring themes like human identity in the modern age.

6. Niloufar Baniasadi: Niloufar Baniasadi, an accomplished carpet designer and interdisciplinary artist, blends traditional Iranian carpet aesthetics with modern innovation, contributing to the revival of Iranian carpet design.

7. Reza Famori: Reza Famori, an Iranian photographer and artist, captures the beauty of unfamiliar terrains and explores mythological themes like destruction and rebirth in his work.

8. Sadegh Majlesi: Sadegh Majlesi, a graphic designer and new media artist, explores the impact of technological advancements on our understanding of the future through his work.

9.10 Shiva Tabar and Yasamin Asgharizadeh: Shiva Tabar, a multidisciplinary artist with a background in architecture, creates paintings characterised by collage-like imagery, reflecting her architectural influences and showcasing complex narratives.
Yasamin Asgharizadeh, also a multi-disciplinary artist, explores the digitalisation of human existence through mediums like glitch video art and photography. Their collaborative piece, titled 'Persimmons Morphing into Galaxies 0.2,' is a multimedia artwork that seamlessly merges various artistic expressions with digital manipulation. Utilising cameras, code compilers, and editing software, the artwork transforms and manipulates data to create a dynamic exploration of fragmented narratives within the mind of a conscious entity. Inspired by the principles of 'order in chaos,' this piece serves as a captivating reflection of the artists' innovative approach to storytelling and artistic expression.


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