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  • Video Art Miden: True Lies & Shhhhh…

    In a two-day screening event, Video Art Miden presents 2 video art sections at ToPikap in Thessaloniki (GR): “True lies” curated by Nikos Podias on Friday, June 2 and “Shhhhh… #1” curated by Martha Zoupa on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

    The videos have been selected from the recent international open call of Video Art Miden and include works by artists from 15 countries.


    Viernes, Junio 2, 2023 - 18:00
    Sábado, Junio 3, 2023 - 18:00


    To Pikap Kato - Thessaloniki, Grecia
  • DIM Cinema - Nature (La Nature)

    Born in Armenia in 1938 and trained at VGIK in the 1960s, Artavazd Peleshian has lived through the entire postwar Soviet period and its aftermath. Revered by filmmakers as an authentic genius of the seventh art and referenced in its histories as a ​“missing link” connecting the legacy of Soviet montage with more modern uses of the technique, Peleshian rests his reputation on 12 short films made between 1964 and 1993.


    Miércoles, Mayo 31, 2023 - 19:00


    DIM Cinema - Vancouver, Canadá
  • Los Angeles Filmforum presents The Wyvernwood Chronicles: Part 1

    Los Angeles Filmforum presents The Wyvernwood Chronicles: Part 1
    Sunday June 11, 2023, 7:30 pm
    At 2220 Arts + Archives, 2220 W. Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90057
    In person: filmmaker Diego Robles, Wyvernwood resident Roberto Mojica, and programmer Jorge Ravelo

    Tickets: $12 general, $8 students/seniors, free for Filmforum members


    Domingo, Junio 11, 2023 - 19:30


    2220 Arts + Archives - Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
  • Chicago Film Society presents Celluloid Now 2023! Submissions now open!

    The Chicago Film Society is proud to announce dates for the second edition of Celluloid Now. From September 21st and through the 24th, CFS will present Celluloid Now 2023,  a series of screenings, workshops, and other events showcasing working analog filmmakers and artists alongside archival rediscoveries and restorations.

    Fecha límite: 

    Viernes, Junio 30, 2023 (Todo el día)
  • Film Poems: Amplifying Mysteries

    A momentary poem made from inner objects, a dream crawling out of a house deep in the forest, and countless insect lights coming up from the ground, this program floats and sinks in luminous mysteries. These mysteries will only be revealed quietly when a beam of light from the projector hits the screen in the dark. A film, a poem, a writer, a secret. (c.h.l.)


    Sábado, Junio 10, 2023 - 20:00


    Whammy! Analog - Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
  • Cinema Parenthèse #43: Luther Price - Home Sweet Home Movies

    In June 2020, Luther Price (US), one of the most unique personalities prematurely left this world at the age of 58. His real name is unknown or at least unrevealed, Price purposely kept it secret “like a fairy-tale character would,” since his work is “rooted profoundly in the story of family and the traumatic events of his personal history.” Price's visceral work, in which pain, violence, eschatology, and transgression were singularly combined and transformed into healing acts, pure and moving, is the subject of this screening.


    Domingo, Mayo 28, 2023 - 19:00


  • Acción/Percepción. Films argentinos en Super 8 en Solax.tv

    El 17 de mayo llega a Solax.tv el ciclo Acción/Recepción en el cual se podrán ver 20 cortometrajes en super 8 milímetros programados por Paulo Pécora.

    La programación se dividirá en cuatro programas que estarán disponibles durante cinco días cada uno y luego se podrán ver todos nuevamente durante los diez días finales del ciclo.

    -Programa 1 (Del 17 al 22 de mayo)


    De Miércoles, Mayo 17, 2023 (Todo el día) hasta Martes, Junio 20, 2023 (Todo el día)