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Xperimenta'11 logoXperimenta, Xcentric's biennial meeting on the current state and issues of experimental film comes back in its third edition next November 4-6. Organized by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona and curated by Miguel Fernández Labayen and Antoni Pinent, this year's edition centers on performance in a wide sense, 'from the practices of expanded cinema to the deconstructions of social, cultural and sexual actions'.

The event open with a talk by German filmmaker Matthias Müller, who will also present a selection of his solo films as well as his collaborations with Christoph Girardet, and will also curate a 'carte blanche' programme. American artists Luis Recoder and Sandra Gibson will give a master class on their working methods and will present a selection of their collaborative performances using up to four 16mm projectors. The section Performing Pop includes Vaginal Davis, with her performance 'Memory Island', and a screening of video pieces by Carles Congost, both of whom will be the protagonists of a talk modarated by Marc Siegel.



Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
November 4-6, Barcelona

November 4, 19:30h
Thieves Like Me I
Talk by Matthias Müller
Introduction by M. F. Labayen / A. Pinent

Emerging in the twilight zone of experimental film, the use of found footage has since spread to many other areas. At a time marked by the emergence of a whole variety of new sources of audiovisual material, its parameters have changed significantly. How is its subversive potential affected by having become common cultural practice? In this talk, artist and filmmaker Matthias Müller will look at the history, practice and aesthetics of found footage and his personal approach to the method.

November 4, 22h
Thieves Like Me II
Screening of works by Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet

Ten years after being a protagonist of the first season of Xcèntric, Matthias Müller will be here in person presenting a programme he has selected from his large, exciting body of work, including his latest pieces. Based on his solo work and his collaborations with Christoph Girardet, Müller has constructed one of the most stimulating dissections of classical film and its performative variables, from the actual performance to lighting.
- Promises (Matthias Müller, video (loop), 2003)
- Alpsee (Matthias Müller, 16 mm, 1994, 15')
- Phoenix Tapes #4: Why Don’t You Love Me? (Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, video, 1999, 8’30'')
- Maybe Siam (Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, video, 2009, 12'20'')
- Locomotive (Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, video, 2008, 22')
- Contre-jour (Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, 35 mm, 2009, 11')
- Mirror (Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, 35 mm CinemaScope, 2003, 8')

November 5, 11:30h
Projecting Projection
An illustrated talk by Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder

This master class will centre on the working methods of this artistic couple and reflect on the nature of expanded cinema and the concept of projection performance, including a practical demonstration.

November 5, 18:30h
Performing Pop I & II
Performance by Vaginal Davis and works by Carles Congost

Performing Pop I: Performance by Vaginal Davis: ‘Memory Island’
Performing Pop II: Screening of video pieces by Carles Congost
- Bad Painting/The Spin Off, 2010, 4’
- Supercampeón, 2000, 4’
- Un mystique determinado, 2003, 17’
- La Mala Pintura, 2008, 11’

November 5, 19:30h
Performing Pop III
Talk with Carles Congost and Vaginal Davis, moderated by Marc Siegel

November 5, 22h
(Over)Exposure: Archeology of Light
Performance by Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder
- Still Succession (2001, two 16-mm projectors, b/w, silent, 10’)
- Alignments for Linea (2003, two 16-mm projectors, b/w, sound, 20’)
- Override (2004, two 16-mm projectors, b/w, sound, 10’)
- Entanglements for Four Projectors (2009, four 16-mm projectors, b/w, sound, 30’)

November 6, 18:30h
Carte blanche to Marc Siegel

Selection and presentation of works from the 1960s to the present that explore notions of camp by emphasizing media, matter and affect.
- Super 8 Girl Games (Ursula Pürrer/Hans Scheirl, 1985, 16 mm, 2’)
- Overstimulated (Jack Smith, 1959-63, 16 mm, silent, 5’)
- Lezzieflick (Nana Swiczinsky, 2008, video, 7’)
- Gran’pa Sam (Vaginal Davis, 2001, video, 7’)
- Eclipse of the Sun Virgin (George Kuchar, 1967, 16 mm, 15’)
- Boggy Depot (A Musical for the Whole Family) (Curt McDowell, 1974, 16 mm, 17’)
- A Movie that Portrays the Wonders of the World as Seen Through the Eyes of a Cat (Disney Highlight Attractions No. 1) (David Domingo, 2009, video, 5’)
- Pirated! (Nguyen Tan Hoang, 2000, video, 11’)
- SyncPoint (Isabell Spengler/Larry Peacock, 2007, video, 4’)

November 6, 20:00h
Carte blanche to Matthias Müller

Selection and presentation by Matthias Müller of works by artists and filmmakers who have influenced his body of work.
- 60 Seconds (analog) (Christoph Girardet, video (loop), 2003)
- Teaching the Alphabet (Volker Schreiner, video, 2007, 4')
- Scope (Volker Schreiner, video, 2008, 5')
- Pianoforte (Christoph Girardet, video, 2007, 6')
- Dial M for Mother (Eli Cortiñas, video, 2008, 11')
- Permanent Wave (Anita Thacher, 16 mm, 4')
- Rose Hobart (Joseph Cornell, 16 mm, 1936-39, 18')
- Decodings (Michael Wallin, 16 mm, 1988, 15')
- Stadt in Flammen (Schmelzdahin, 16 mm, 1984, 6')