Kunstverein Hannover

The Kunstverein Hannover was founded in 1832—it is now one of the oldest and most prestigious of the circa 300 German Kunstvereins—by a group of dedicated citizens to, as the first bylaws of the Kunstverein stated, “promote the visual arts by broadening the participation in the same and by encouraging and supporting artists.”

Even today, civic dedication forms the backbone of the Kunstverein Hannover with its unsalaried executive board and advisory council elected by the members as well as through the dedication of private sponsors and volunteers. The circa 1,200—and rising—members firmly anchor the Kunstverein in the cultural scene in Hannover and Lower Saxony. 



Sophienstraße 2
30159   Hannover, Niedersachsen
52° 22' 22.692" N, 9° 44' 36.492" E