Millennium Film Journal 57 Published

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From the MFJ we are thrilled to announce the publication of Millennium Film Journal No. 57 "Violence in Artists' Cinema."  The copies arrived from the printer yesterday.

It includes articles on the recent work of Tony Oursler, Tony Conrad, Peggy Ahwesh, Ian Olds, Anna Marziano, and Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel, an interview with Jennifer Proctor, a new analysis of works by Catherine Elwes and David Critchley. artists' pages by Pat O'Neill and Noe Kidder, and Douglas White's in-depth analysis of the effects of the London "Destruction in Art Symposium" of 1966. The full table of contents is online at

In reaction to another set of price increases by the US Post Office, the journal is now available in pdf format -- the very files used for printing.

This is the 35th year of the MFJ. The next issue, due in October, will be our anniversary issue, in which we have invited a number of writers to assess the changing condition of artists' cinema in the period of the journal's publication. It is appropriately titled "Since 78." 

The journal is entirely financed by sales and advertising . . .  Every purchase helps keep us going.