Fracto Political Statement

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The streaming initiative is not only about sharing or showing films. It is about clarifying how artists need to constantly strive to meet society's demands without giving anything back.

Dear Fracto friends,
We hope you have been enjoying the streaming program so far, and would like to take a moment to ask for your help.
Financial support in the arts (specifically experimental film) is constantly in a precarious and vulnerable state.
These films were released for public viewing as a gesture by the artists to offer something to everyone in quarantine, a small symbol of support.
In return, we would like to send a gesture to the filmmakers, by asking for donations as symbolic support to the artists.
Every contribution makes a difference. All funds will be split evenly between the filmmakers who made their work available to stream.

Please DONATE here:

Stream here

Thank you!


Frame taken from Sconosciuti (1994) by Paolo Gioli - courtesy of the artist
poster design by L.A.B.B.E.S.T.I.A.


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