Award-winners for the 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival

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This is the list of award-winning works for the 54th edition of the Ann Arbor FIlm Festival:

Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival
Ear, Nose, Throat by Kevin Jerome Everson

The Stan Brakhage Film at Wit’s End Award
The Illinois Parables by Deborah Stratman

Lawrence Kasdan Award for Best Narrative Film
Edmond by Nina Gantz

Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film
The Event by Sergei Loznitsa

Tios Award for Best International Film
Dead Slow Ahead by Mauro Herce

Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film
(conical signal) by arc

\aut\FILM Award for Best LGBT Film
Hard as Opal by Jared Buckhiester and Dani Leventhal

Leon Speakers Award for Best Sound Design
Irradiant Field by Laura Kraning

Kodak Cinematic Vision Award
Fish Point by Pablo Mazzolo
House and Universe by Antoinette Zwirchmayr

The No Violence Award
Bending to Earth by Rosa Barba

Best Experimental Film
Engram of Returning by Daïchi Saïto

Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film
The Resonance by Rezonans by Mateusz Sadowski

The Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist
Vague Images at the Beginning and End of the Day by Carl Elsaesser

Prix DeVarti for Funniest Film
A Boy Needs a Friend by Steve Reinke

Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker
Jáaji Approx. by Sky Hopinka
Australian Paper by Minjung Kim

George Manupelli Founder’s Spirit Award
We Chose the Milky Way by Eva Marie Rødbro

Gil Omenn Art & Science Award
Prima Materia by Charlotte Pryce
The Eileen Maitland Award
Baba Dana Talks To The Wolves by Ralitsa Doncheva

Overture/Wazoo Award for Best Music Video
“Beasts in the Garden” by Spires that in the Sunset Rise by Lori Felker

PROCAM Best Regional Filmmaker Award 
Our Last Hurrah by Terri Sarris
How to Rust by Julia Yezbick

Jury Awards:

  • Two Clothespins in an Envelope by Susanna Wallin
  • Vivir Para Vivir / Live to Live by Laida Lertxundi
  • Blue and Red by Zhou Tao
  • Summer 1975 by Wrik Mead