Lynn Loo - Film/video screening and performance

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Lynn Loo (UK) is an international experimental filmmaker who explores the relationship between sound and image in film and video. She will be an artist in residence at Center (Tochigi/Japan) in March this year. She will be performing expended cinema and screening her latest work (Japan premiere). This will be a very rare opportunity to digest and trace Lynn's history.

March 29th, 2024
Start 7pm

Advance 2,000JPY
Door 2,500JPY
including one drink

Venue: Center

- Washi #2 (adapted for Center)
optical sound 1x 16mm & 1x video projectors performance
The film uses various patterns and colours of Washi tape adhered onto 16mm clear film.
Multiple black and white film prints are made from the original reel and presented on three film projectors. The sound is also produced from the printed through lines of the patterns onto the soundtrack side of the film.

- Autumn Fog
silent 2x16mm film projection
16mm film is used to capture the light and colours of autumn in my garden. The camera is
stationary while it captures movement of light through nature in the garden. The positive and
negative films are projected together, on top of one another.

- Conversations 2024
25mm single-screen video sound
A collection of personal moving images and sounds woven together using video editing
tools in a kind of non-sense narrative. A mix of home videos, captured sounds and unpublished films assembled here with an attempt to find connections, distortions, patterns, plot, rhythms, cycle, rambling, pulse, unhinged.

- Untitled
A work that will be developed at Center.

Lynn Loo
With my first film in 1997, I made the transition from teaching music to making films. I studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated in 2001. I made single-screen works in 8mm, 16mm and digital video, exploring the dynamism in moving images and sound to form a kind of narrative without words.

Then in 2004, my filmmaking changed when I moved to London. The ideas of materialism and structural thinking by local film artists opened my eyes to a very different sensibility in the making of films. I produced multi-16mm live projection performances such as Vowels series (from 2005), Washi series (from 2014) and End Rolls series (from 2009). In shapes, forms and movement, I found complexity in simplicity.

In the recent couple of years, I have begun to make single-screen works again. Conversations 2024 is the latest in this project where I begin to make connections with everyday images and sound again.

At Center on March 29th, I will present a mixed programme of my 16mm film performance and video works as well as a new piece that I will attempt be make during my stay at Center.



Friday, March 29, 2024 - 19:00



Friday, March 29, 2024 - 19:00
  • 1-1273 Ginza
    36° 33' 54.612" N, 139° 44' 54.4128" E