Films and Sounds: Reflecting on 60 Years of The New York Experimental Film Community

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Films and Sounds: Reflecting on 60 Years of The New York Experimental Film Community w/ MM Serra , Chuck Smith . Sebastian Mekas Emily Singer and Michelle Borreggine

Screening in-person premiere , Tales and Visions of Community with MM Serra: "To Jonas, with Love" (2021) is a short film honoring Jonas Mekas' films diaries and his impact on the underground film world. Accompanied by a screening of personal vision films featuring artists Maya Deren, Jonas Mekas, Marie Menken, MM Serra, Edward Owens, and Barbara Rubin distributed by The Film Makers Coop.

Followed by a panel on Jonas and the importance of collaborations, writings, journals and artist communities; moderated by MM Serra with Chuck Smith, Sebastian Mekas, Emily Singer and Michelle Borreggine.

- Screening at 6:30pm :

  • Christmas On Earth, (Barbara Rubin, 1963, Double Screen Projection 16MM, 30min)

- Experimental Film Screening 7:00-8:30 :

  • Tales and Visions of the Community with MM Serra: To Jonas with Love (2021 9 min)
  • Meshes of The Afternoon ( Maya Deren,1943 14min)
  • Song of Central Park (Jonas Mekas,1966 5min)
  • GOGOGO (Marie Menken,1964 11min)
  • NYC (MM Serra, 1982 2min)
  • Reminiscence of Journey to Lithuania, (Jonas Mekas, 1972 82min excerpt)
  • Remembrance: A Portrait Study (Edward Owens, 1967 6min)
  • Lost Lost Lost (Jonas Mekas, 1976 178min Excerpt)

- Moderated Panel 8:30-9PM

The Film-Makers’ Cooperative / New American Cinema Group

The New American Cinema Group, Inc. (NACG) was founded on July 14, 1961 as a membership cooperation by a group of 22 New York artists, including Jonas Mekas, Shirley Clarke, Ken and Flo Jacobs, Andy Warhol, and Jack Smith. The Film-Makers’ Cooperative is a division of the NACG and continues to be its operational name. It is the first artist-run organization devoted to the dissemination of moving image art. Artists and estates maintain creative control of their works as we are a non-contractual, non-exclusive, membership based, non-profit group.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 18:00



Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 18:00


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