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The Birley are delighted to present a screening of key works by Lynn Loo, selected from decades of experimentation and sustained engagement with sound and moving image. Since 2005, She has been collaborating with Guy Sherwin in numerous film performances and projects. Her films have been included in numerous international festivals and galleries. Some of her works are in the collection of Asian Film Archive in Singapore and recently in He Xiangning Art Museum in China. She supports herself working as a Conservation Specialist at BFI National Film and Television Archive in UK

'I am originally from Singapore and have been in London since 2004. My first film was a 16mm black and white film shot in Singapore in 1997. In the same year, I left for The Art Institute of Chicago where I learnt about experimental films by accident. This began a journey into an understanding and exploration of the moving image language that took the form of single-channel to multi-projection performance and installation pieces. While putting together this programme for The Birley, I came to realise my music background has a subconscious persuasion in making these works.

Program:AUTUMN FOG 2x 16mm film projection. silent. 12min16mm film is used to capture the light and colours of autumn in my garden. The camera is stationary while it captures movement of light through nature in the garden. The positive and negative films are projected together, on top of one another.

WALK FROM WORK TO STATION single-screen video. sound. 1min A familiar journey from my workplace to the train station. I took still pictures with my phone while walking down the hill to the station.

WALK TO GHIM MOH single-screen video. silent. 1minAn arrangement of stills from my walk along the canal in Singapore towards Ghim Moh Road.

WASHI #2 2x 16mm film projection. sound. 12minThe film uses various patterns and colours of Washi tape adhered onto 16mm clear film. Multiple black and white film prints are made from the original reel and presented on three film projectors. The sound is also produced from the printed through lines of the patterns onto the soundtrack side of the film. In addition, photo-resistor microphones are used. Live sound mix from Guy Sherwin.

CONVERSATIONS 2024 single-screen video sound 22minA collection of personal moving images and sounds woven together using video editing tools in a kind of non-sense narrative. A mix of home videos, captured sounds and unpublished films assembled here with an attempt to find connections, distortions, patterns, plot, rhythms, cycle, rambling, pulse, unhinged.


The Birley - Preston, United Kingdom


Saturday, March 2, 2024 - 19:00



Saturday, March 2, 2024 - 19:00


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