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EQUINOX ◆ Rhayne Vermette

*Now available to watch online on Equinox*  


2021 | 80 minutes | Canada
As a party wanders into the night, word arrives that Renée has emerged from obscurity. This cataclysmic moment ignites Modeste’s awkward reunion with his older sibling. Renée has been missing for years and her presence unsettles the family, which also includes her own daughter, Athene. As Renée begins to form her dreams from fragments of her past, ominous premonitions disrupt the land. Shot on 16mm with non-professional actors, this debut film channels fragments, impressions and visions into an ever-shifting portrait of a landscape and a Métis Nation community.


  • Tricks are for Kiddo (2012 | 2 min | Canada)
  • Tudor Village: A One Shot Deal (2012 | 5 min | Canada)
  • Full of Fire (2013 | 2 min | Canada)
  • Black Rectangle (2014 | 2 min | Canada)
  • Turin (2015 | 7 min | Canada)
  • Les Châssis de Lourdes (2016 | 18 min | Canada)
  • Domus (2017 | 15 min | Canada)

Rhayne Vermette was born in Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba. It was while studying architecture at the University of Manitoba, that she fell into the practices of image making and storytelling. Primarily self-taught, Rhayne’s films are opulent collages of fiction, animation, documentary, reenactments and divine interruption. Ste. Anne is her first feature narrative.


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