Chicago Seen Volume 16

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We are thrilled to present another edition of our local film series Chicago Seen (formerly known as Spirit of Chicago). Chicago Filmmakers invites free submissions all year round from Chicago-based filmmakers and/or films about Chicago. Volume 16 features work by Aidan Karstadt, Andrew Paul Davis, M. Woods, George Ellzey Jr., Jejoon Park, Jesse Rothenberg & Zo Zosak, Josh Weissbach, Juli Del Prete, and Nick Schoenbrodt.

Following the screening, the Chicago Seen programming team will moderate a conversation with the filmmakers in attendance.

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Program notes:

HAVING A NICE DAY (Dir. Jesse Rothenberg & Zo Zosak) 2023
Becca and Tom's nice day at the park is interrupted when a golf ball lands in their hummus. Mark emerges from the woods looking for his ball with his evil boss Jordan on his tail. Jordan insists Mark hit the ball out of the hummus but what no one knows is that Tom has hidden an engagement ring in the dip and will do anything to preserve his big day.

CAROLINE (Dir. Juli Del Prete) 2022
A young actress's audition for a major movie takes an unexpected turn.

BOSOM (Dir. George Ellzey Jr.) 2023
When estranged sisters Jade & Amber attend their mother's funeral, long-held resentments and painful secrets come out into the open.

“AS ONE SOWS SO SHALL HE REAP” (Dir. Jejoon Park) 2023
What happens when you plant meat in a pot?

TO ALL THOSE (Dir. Josh Weissbach) 2020
A city symphony in miniature, dedicated to anyone who has gotten lost in thought while stuck on the midwinter train. to all that unfolds in those private reveries.

EATEN (Dir.  Andrew Paul Davis) 2023
Music Video for Andrew Paul Davis' 2023 song, "Eaten."

ONE NIGHT ON DOVER ST. (Dir. Aidan Karstadt) 2022
A young tenant must fend off his neat freak of a Neighbor.

A sadness rolls over me as I gaze into the entrails of this pandora's box and my shadow cranks a lost appendage for the sake of ontological tangents and bewitched spaces. I want you to witness The Hallucinatory Zone of Neo-Liberal death hounds and lost gazes that expand and contract time. I was nothing, so nothing was lost.

OOPS! I’VE BEEN DRIVEN MUNDANE (Dir. Nick Schoenbrodt) 2023
Morkie, an aging stop-motion animator, lives a passive, hermetic life in the isolated garage she rents from her botanist great-aunt Mildred. But her quiet routine is thrown into chaos when Mildred tasks her with caring for the surrealistic flora of her personal collection. As more and more of these plants are delivered, with increasingly elaborate instructions for care, this minor inconvenience becomes a constant regimen that devours Morkie’s waking life and drives her to the brink of madness.


Chicago Filmmakers - Chicago, United States


Saturday, August 12, 2023 - 19:00



Saturday, August 12, 2023 - 19:00
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