Blitz #36: Jorge Suárez-Quiñones

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The session is offered as an invitation to a tangible experience of shared present through three works produced entirely in the Super-8 format.

The first draws a complete circle around the solar year, trying to reveal the specificity of each light situation, questioning its reproducibility.

The second condenses, guided by the energy of movement, the intensity and awareness of the practice on both sides of the camera.

The third compiles fragments that span three years and three continents, records driven organically by light and gesture.

Three proposals for a relationship with the world through the camera, in which cracks open to the possibility of fiction

In idleness / Days and months I’ve spent: / I feel nothing for them. / A life spent blossom-viewing / In springtime is too short, indeed. – Fujiwara no Okikaze (Kokinwakashū, poem nº351)


Twelve Seasonal Films
Super-8 | color + b&w | silent | 18fps | 42’ | 2018-2020

Super-8 | color | silent | 18fps | 10’ | 2020

Excerpts I [Though I now depart...]
Super-8 | b&w | magnetic sound | 18fps | 19’ | 2018-2021

Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas (León, 1992) experiments around the formal and conceptual implications of montage on camera in relation to the experience of the present as a potentially condensable space-time category in filmic matter, and therefore capable of being shared.

His work has been programmed in different spaces and contexts related to cinema and art, including Tokyo Image Forum, CA2M, IFFR Rotterdam, Punto de Vista, FICUNAM, Fracto Experimental Film Encounter Berlin, Documenta Madrid, MUBI's Notebook, MUSAC, Filmadrid, Spanish Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, SixtyEight Art Institute Copenhagen, Madrid Hall or Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin.

He extends his research in the teaching field as a professor and tutor of audiovisual projects at LAV (Audiovisual Laboratory of Contemporary Creation and Practice, Madrid).

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Zumzeig Cinema - Barcelona, Spain


Saturday, May 22, 2021 - 20:00



Saturday, May 22, 2021 - 20:00


  • Carrer de Béjar, 53 baixos
    08014   Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 22' 30.4608" N, 2° 8' 19.9896" E