Cines o locales de cine experimental o afines de todo el mundo. ¿Conoces alguno que no esté aquí? Háznoslo saber.

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Título Descripción Enlace País

Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts

http://www.occca.org/ Estados Unidos
Oddball Films http://www.oddballfilm.com Estados Unidos
Off Limits http://www.offlimits.es España
OFFoff Cinema

Art Cinema OFFoff provides a unique platform for the displaying and research of experimental film. The screenings at OFFoff look back on the rich and vast history of film all the way into its most obscure and remote corners.

http://www.offoff.be/ Bélgica
Opera America Estados Unidos
Oporto http://oportolisboa.blogspot.com Portugal
OT301 Cinema of the Dam'd Holanda

Outcasting started as an online moving image gallery in 2007 by artist Michael Cousin. Based in Cardiff, this is an organisation that offers an international platform for experimental practitioners.

Outcasting Reino Unido
Outpost Artists Resources Inc Estados Unidos