X~peri~mental Animation: Jeremy Rourke + Kathleen Quillian + Harry Smith

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Other Cinema's seasonal celebration of all things Animated is anchored on local hero Jeremy Rourke's sensational set of pixillated eye-poppers, featuring his new piece The Rain Is a Friend of Mine! Jeremy gigs, jigs, and zig-zags over our gallery pedestals in his five-title, half-hour hullaballoo ending with a Toon Tune dedicated to dear departed Helen Hill. Jeremy does a podium handstand in her honor!

Kathleen Quillian works those same pedestals with her Ten Dollar Bill zoetrope zinger, with a live whirly-tube track! Esoteric alchemist Harry Smith's early direct-animations are displayed in Paola Igliori's American Magus, after we are treated to an eccentric history of animation masters: Max Fleischer, Len Lye, and Sally Cruikshank's 1978 Quasi at the Quackadero (on 16mm!).

Come early for free candy, archival gems from CCA(C)'s Animation Department, and Jim Henson's 1968 Time Piece.


Artists' Television Access - San Francisco, Estados Unidos


Sábado, Marzo 30, 2024 - 20:00



Sábado, Marzo 30, 2024 - 20:00
  • 992 Valencia Street
    94110   San Francisco, California
    Estados Unidos
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