Arqivo & Pesqisa: Relatos Sagrados

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ARQIVO & PESQISA: Relatos Sagrados is an experimental short film exhibition that was born through research within the audiovisual platform A Fantasia Matrixiana. Founded in 2021, in the city of São Paulo, the platform seeks to produce, archive and enable an expansion of experimental cinema carried out and debated collectively and independently among the platform's collaborators and guest artists.

In this first edition, the curatorship includes works by artists cataloged by the FilmDiary NYC festival in New York to address the different facets of everyday cinema, documentary diaries in familiar language, an ode to Mekas & Perlov. The exhibition also houses video art, fic—doc and archive films through a connection with film cinema created by the new generation of Spanish experimental artists trained by Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, a film school in San Sebastian in Spain.

Works, projects and connections would allow the creation of a wide network of works in different cinematographic formats, making it possible to bring 26 filmmakers from different origins to this exhibition, connecting several countries, cultures and creative universes in films divided into 4 sessions.

The exhibition, which will take place from February 16 to March 17, 2024, will be held completely online. Each week, one of the four sessions will be available at cineHumbertoMauro/MAIS.

The sessions:

doc-falado-diario / doc—spoken—diary
watch online from February 16th to 22nd ​

The session seeks to find the shared daily life, possible relationships between the known and the unknown, the intimate and the distant and the symbols between these. Perlov meets Mekas and they both try to film a child crossing the street in the rain. One films the tiny red boots jumping over tiny puddles of water and the other films the same water, but the one running from the umbrella printed with dinosaurs.

  • “Kill The Headlights”, by Sage Ó Tuama
  • “Anonymous (Did You Last, Ancient Nebula)” by Gloria Chung
  • “I’ve known rivers”, by Saif Fradj & Esraa Elfeky (Coletivo South of Ajdabya)
  • “Re-reading of the protest video: In front of Enqelab courthouse, Mashhad, Iran, 20th September 2022”, by Mahshid Mahboubifar
  • “1"1 ou Ponte”, by Marcelo Tavares
  • “Postals en moviment”, by Mediação Cultural by Cristopher Ruiz, directed by collective Bloc 23
  • “Meine Liebe”, by Clara Jost

Você Só Precisa Seguir, Não Pode Voltar Atrás / You just need to go on, you can't go back
watch online from February 23rd to 29th

​“Un mar amargo y negro
Que se tiene que aclarar”.

said Victor Jara.

Here we say that these films present here take time beyond the time in which we live, something like the wind that crosses the mountain and you hear it but don't see it.

  • "Coral I", by Inês Lima
  • “Sol e Sorte”, by Helena Estrela
  • “Many eyes, many centers, moving”, by Maria Pipla
  • “Just Another Year”, by Niki Kohandel
  • "Júpiter em Ascensão", by Lígia Teixeira & Francisco Benvenuto
  • “Example # 35”, by Lucía Malandro & Daniel Saucedo

Instrumento sensível / Sensitive Instrument
watch online from March 1st to 7th

Artur Omar talks about the Chess of Angels.

A unique language to achieve previously impossible communication, now recorded in image, sound and silence. Here everything deforms or contorts so that, in a constantly expanding horizon, we may perceive small images and realize that we are them too, despite being blurry or grainy enough to make us close our eyes.

  • “Kombucha”, by Sávio Leite
  • “Prometa jamais se calar de repente, pequeno aparelho de rádio”, by Xavier Braun
  • “L'autoritratto”, by Léna Lewis-King
  • "As I wait, I inhale", by Nicole Remy
  • "Erotics of The Kitchen", by Juliana Julieta
  • “De Rien”, by João Novello & Pedro Brasil

Trindade: sonho, memória & desejo / Trinity: dream, memory and desire
watch online from March 8th to 14th

A place where a common cinema rests, sensitive and made of glimpses of possible imperceptible seconds of beauty but still perceived here in the fast-moving world around us.

​“Agora o junquilho vence o cérebro frágil
Nós desmaiamos sob a dor aromática”.

​I take it from “The Spleen”* and in my own words I say that I tear up because I witness and thus remember my own humanity.

  • "Dreaming about the Northern Lights", by Silvia Mantellini Faieta
  • "The Bath", by Maria Inês Gonçalves
  • “Very Well”, by Raffaella Rosset
  • “La Jardinera”, by Fernanda Vicens
  • “MMI (Seven Variations)” by Zoe Chronis
  • “How to feel nostalgic for a place that is never the same”, by Mariana Vilanova
  • "Kaleidoscopy" by Varvara Spilt


De Viernes, Febrero 16, 2024 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Marzo 17, 2024 (Todo el día)



De Viernes, Febrero 16, 2024 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Marzo 17, 2024 (Todo el día)