New Contemporaries Moving Image 1968-2010


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Produced to coincide with New Contemporaries' 65th anniversary, this compilation selected by world-renowned artists Ed Atkins, Harold Offeh and Catherine Yass, reveals the rich history of artists' moving image in New Contemporaries between 1968 and 2010. accompanying the compilation is a publication with contributions from Anna Kontopoulou and Mike Sperlinger, as well as Nick Danziger, Heather Phillipson, Aura Satz and Greta Alfaro, providing a fascinating insight in to the radical beginnings of artists' moving image and its contemporary importance within the UK today.

Ahn Kang-hyun
Greta Alfaro
Tolia Astakhishvili
Ed Atkins
David Blandy
Javier Flores Blanquet
Don Bury
Phil Collins
Mathieu Copeland
Nick Danziger
Kate Davies
Alexia De ville De Goyet
Diane Duncan
Sophie Eagle
Eddie Farrell
Laurin Federlein
Oriana Fox
Sarah Gilder
Dryden Goodwin
Steve Hawley
Ruth Iliffe
Mike Jones
Kiran Kaur Brar

Morag Keil
Rinat Kotler
Sandra Lahire
Isaac Layish and Irit Garty
Edwin Li
Steve Littman
Susanne Ludwig
Tim MacMillan
Johannes Maier
Eline Mcgeorge
Christopher Meigh-andrews with Gabrielle Brown
Jason Nelson
Harold Offeh
Heather Phillipson
Tom Price
Ben Sadler
Michael Sailstorfer
Aura Satz
John Spiteri
Richard Squires
JJ stevens
Keith Stutter
David Theobald
Marion Urch
Light/sound workshop
Emily Wardill

New Contemporaries Moving Image 1968-2010
Published by LUX (2002) Ltd. and New Contemporaries (1988) Ltd.
First published 2014


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Martes, Diciembre 2, 2014





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