Guy Sherwin - Cycles #3 (1972-2003)


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Cycles #3A two-projector film event using images and sounds made directly by hand. The film is a development of Cycles 1 1972/77 in which paper dots are stuck onto the surface of the film and onto its optical sound track.
On projection these separate instants are converted simultaneously into picture and sound. The gaps between the dots gradually decrease until a fusion of the material occurs: the separate image-moments become a pulsating ball of light, while the rhythmic sound-moments join into a continuous rising drone.
Cycles 3 uses one b/w print set inside another tinted print. This combination gives rise to induced colours and after-images as well as complex cross-rhythms in the soundtrack.

9 mins b/w & colour 16mm 2 projectors 2 optical soundtracks
(made at the LFMC. The pos and neg were printed at the Coop. Cycles uses a Debrie contact printer which is now in nowhere)

Video documentation filmed at La Sala Rosa, Montreal Canada. Organized by Double Negative.


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