Dmitri Frolov - Ten Minutes of Silence (1995)


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The documentary-experimental film "Ten Minutes of Silence" is a film expression of the trends embodied in the painting by Malevich's "Black Square" and John Cage's "4'33" in music. The viewer is offered an attempt to realize the reality by giving up hearing as the main channel of perception. The film is based on the history of the twentieth century, the age of world wars, catastrophes and tragedies. It is a silent scream, a silent explosion, a silent black and white abyss. "Ten minutes of silence" - a mirror of the twentieth century, a mirror of modern civilization, a mirror of our time.

Turning off the sound is as easy as drawing a "Black Square", which inevitably occurs when the film is projected onto the screen. And just as the black color absorbing all colors, self-sufficient and inexorable, became a symbol of a new era in painting, so strange and terrible silence accompanying the film, is slightly ahead of the time, foreshadowing a fundamentally new round in the development of cinematography.


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