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Cover of the TIME magazine; 4 January 1983or-bits.com is pleased to present Truth,
its new and fifth online programme.

Featuring works by:
Angus Braithwaite / David Raymond Conroy / Adelita Husni-Bey / Iocose / M+M (Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia) / Richard Sides

Plus forthcoming guest curated pages by:
Gaia Tedone / Christine Takengny & Ute Panned

Cover of the TIME magazine; 4 January 1983

Truth programme will be accompanied by an ongoing series of blog contributions by:
Jennifer Steele (artist, researcher and lecturer) / Nathan Witt  (artist) / and other bloggers joining along the way.

To find out more go to http://www.or-bits.com and the or-bits Blog.



or-bits.com is an online curatorial project, a platform for the production, display and distribution of commissioned artworks and critical writing. Its mission is to support the production of new works and instigate an exploration of the creative and critical possibilities of the web as language, medium and subject.