The Owl of Minerva & other works by Optipus

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The Owl of Minerva & other works by the expanded cinema group Optipus
with live soundtracks by Underworld Oscillator Corporation

The Owl of Minerva is dedicated to the Death of Kodachrome film and other obsolete technologies of analog media: glass slides, regular, super 8 & 16mm film, 35mm slides, vinyl, foley, and modular synths. The evening also includes a new trilogy of astronomical video works by Eros, Sylvarnes & UOC called "Ex-nombreux films de l'éspace extra-atmosphèrique" (innumerable outer space films) with Ultraviolet Catastrophe

Optipus is a film-obsessed media laboratory & for this event includes Bradley Eros, Lary Seven, Katherine Bauer, & Joel Schlemowitz, with live soundtracks by Underworld Oscillator Corporation (Richard Sylvarnes, Rachael Guma, Gabriel Guma & Dirk Rowntree) + guest harpist Mia Theodoratus & a video work by Scott Kiernan and other surprises.

“The Owl of Minerva flies at twilight.” After Hegel’s infamous quote, indicating that philosophy is not prescriptive, but that wisdom or consciousness comes at the end of an era or after it has passed; in this case, the era of analog media that is being thrown into the trash bin of history. “One form of life. . .can not be rejuvenated, but only known.” ~ Well, we’ll see.

Tickets: $15 general / $10 with friend code: analog

produced and curated by harpgrrl
made possible by a grant from Howard Otway and Florance Otway Opportunity Project HOFOPRO



Sunday, September 20, 2015 - 19:30


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