LFMC 50: Notes from the Underground 1980-82

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Our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative continues with this evening programmed by Anna La Thew and Steve Farrer.

"Steve and I were elected at the 1980 AGM and a life long friendship began. The 1980's were the start of film-makers being actively encouraged to publicise, exhibit, distribute and courier Co-op films, in person, internationally. We were committed to the Co-operative as an act of romantic resistance, its manifesto, its openness, its freedom and a lot of us were from up North.

The Co-op had a new lease on the beautiful BR social club building in Gloucester Avenue, Camden, a palace of underground delights; a black cinema with a 25ft roller screen, blue directors' chairs, a stage, the ?Palm Court' and the London Musicians' Collective next door. In 1981/2 there were weekly cinema programmes, open screens, film-makers' solo shows and the start of the annual Distribution Previews, Summer Shows and the first underground gay film festival in Europe, a heady mix of Super 8, 16mm, multi-screen, performance; film-makers, painters, dancers, sculptors and musicians.

These two programmes illustrate the indomitable Co-operative spirit given the space; the inseparable function of a Film-makers' Cinema and Distribution." - Anna La Thew and Steve Farrer

Programme 1 - Is it persisting...
NFT3, 18:20h
- Temps de Metre (Yann Beauvais, 1980, 17 min)
- Short Ends (Chris Garratt, 1980, 3 min)
- Silent Film (Michael Maziere, 1982, 11 min)
- Champ Provencal (Rose Lowder, 1979, 9 min)
- Nothing Is Something (Anne Rees-Mogg, 1966, 10 min)
- Art of Mirrors (Derek Jarman, 1973, 6 min)
- Persisting (Ian Kerr, 1975, 8 min)
- Infantile (Steve Farrer, 1981, 5 min)
- La Vache Qui Rumine (Georges Rey, 1970, 3 min)

Programme 2 - Hello, Look At That Picture... Do You See Me Now?
NFT3, 20:45h
- Premonitions of Absurd Perversion (John Maybury, 1980, Super 8 diary extract)
- Blissfully Gunned Down (George Saxon, 1980-2013, Double screen 16mm + performance, 12 min)
- Portrait Series - Klonaris/Thomadaki
   - Portrait De Ma Mere Dans Son Jardin (Katerina Thomadaki, 1980, Super 8, 10 mins)
   - Sauro Bellini (Maria Klonaris, 1982, Super 8, 11.5 mins)
- 37/78 Tree Again (Kurt Kren, 1978, 3min)
- Portrait No 2 (Anne Rees Mogg) (David Pearce, 1974, 8 min)
- Murder Psalm (Stan Brakhage, 1980, 20 min)
- Der Engel (Cordelia Swann & Jim Divers, 1981, 4 min)
- Spleen (Jo Comino, 1983, 8 min)
- Machine Parts and Portraits (Anna Thew with Steve Farrer, George Saxon, Martin, Christiano Gambe and Ra, 1988-99, 5 min)



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