A homeless mobile cinema vol.1

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This Summer, Pugnant Film Series will be
A homeless mobile cinema at the ruins of Athens.
Have you noticed that as the cities are getting more and more old, their ruins are remaining young at all? With a prehistoric youth, similar to the material from which the films are made.
With this sacred feeling, we will make some screenings of films that we love at some abandoned houses, factories, rivers and places of Athens.

*The screenings will start at the evening, and will be completed at the dawn of the following day
**Due to the special conditions of each location, anyone is coming with own responsibility.
***The screenings will be in a diy spirit. Please bring with you food, alcohol, pillows, hammocks and anything you need.

Free donation entrance.

18/6 - 20:30
Entrance from street Agiou Polykarpou (more info at the end of the text)

20.30 Opening

21.00 Short Films Program (50')
with english subtitles
001.Elder Abuse - Drew Durepos
002.Daysteps - Anita Kremm
003.Fluidity - Jaim Cleeland & Production Unit Xero
004.Cadavre exquis 1 - Mickaël Muraz & Laura Hennequin
005.Losers are Thirsty - Eirini Tampasouli
006.The Shore - Eirini Tampasouli
007.Cadavre exquis 2 - Mickaël Muraz & Laura Hennequin
008.Color Noises - Mati Pirsztuk
009.Jesus Deep Inside - Labros Kordolaimhs
010.Nemesis - Labros Kordolaimhs
011.In The Flesh - Labros Kordolaimhs
012.Barbie's misadventures in Eden - Labros Kordolaimhs

22.15 Feature Film (82')
with english and greek subtitles
013. Virus Has no Morals - Rosa von Praunheim

After Midnight till dawn
Films from Constantine Giannaris vimeo channel

Location Info
This screening party will take place close to Metro Elaionas, at street Agiou Polykarpou.
If you come with metro, or driving via Iera Odos, you have to get street Agias Annis and after while turn left to street Agiou Polykarpou. At 100 meters you will see a Pugnant Film Series poster. This is the sign that you have to go inside this remote block and find us behind the first abandoned buildings.
Google maps : 37.984602, 23.695628
everything about the event:


Friday, June 18, 2021 - 20:30



Friday, June 18, 2021 - 20:30