EXPERIMENTO, 4th Creative Residency of experimental video

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EXPERIMENTO, 4th Creative Residency of experimental video will be held between 11 to 16 of April, 2017 in Colliguay, region of Valparaíso, Chile, under the framework of PROCESO DE ERROR, 4th International Festival of Experimental Video. The organization of the convocatory is made by INVE, Plataforma Experimental de Artes and financed by Fondo de Fomento Audiovisual del Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Convocatoria 2017. EXPERIMENTO INVE motivates the creation of experimental works, creates a network among the producers of audiovisual works of different territories and encourage the dissemination of the same.

EXPERIMENTO INVE is a free creative residence that will be performed from April 11 to 16 in Valparaíso, during the days prior to the official week of “Proceso de Error”, 4th International Festival of experimental video.

The main objective of the call is to gather 8 filmmakers to create works of individual authorship, but collectively supporting themselves if they need it, also counting with the feedback from the tutors. The works must be finished during the residency, for this reason, the filmmakers can already have previously registered material and use the residence for the editing process, or to make the recording and the editing during the dates of the residence, in order to take advantage of the space and tranquility that gives the rural area that is Colliguay, independent of the processes, the music videos must be finalized during the residence.

The selected works will be premiered at the 4th Experimental Video Festival PROCESO DE ERROR, on different dates:

A.- The first date will be on Monday, April 16, in a masterclass of the Canadian experimental videomaker Sabrina Ratté (unconfirmed place).

B.- The second date of exhibitions will be held from April 18 to 21 in Valparaíso, Chile, projecting each day 2 of the works completed. Attendance at both events is the responsibility of each director, since after each premiere of the music videos there will be a conversation between residents, viewers and the tutors of the Duo Strangloscope, to analyze the work.

The filmmakers can only participate in the residence if they deliver a letter of authorization of rights signed by the members of the band or musician chosen for the realization of the music video.


For this version of EXPERIMENTO we will have two international guests as tutors: Rafael Schlichting and Cláudia Cárdenas, who form the Strangloscope Duo. Brazilian audiovisual artists, they work in digital and analog media creating works of video art, experimental films, performances, expanded cinema and video installations.

Rafael and Claudia will be in charge of guiding the residents in their different processes of music videos, contributing ideas, techniques, etc. They will meet every day of the residence, at noon with the participants, with the purpose of granting mornings and afternoons for shooting. At the same time, they will be able to review the material and its processes during the nights.


Cláudia Cárdenas & Rafael Schlichting, from Brazil, are the Duo Strangloscope. They began to develop their own experimental films for an interest in working with digital forms, trying to give them texture through increased use of pixels, enlarging images in their own digital materiality and mixing digital with celluloid to create a mutant skin in their textures.

The films of the Duo Strangloscope have always been linked to movement, rhythm and composition, and have abandoned the focus on narrative. Their works are full of conscious ambiguities, stimulating multiple interpretations and emplacing paradoxical and contradictory techniques and subject to create a work that requires the active participation of the viewer. Their experimental films push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking, enhancing new and different ways of working with the camera, using lighting, playing with audio effects, script, etc.


  •  You can apply if you are Chilean or foreign resident in Chile or abroad, linked to the area of video, with verifiable experience, through a link of dossier in the application form.
  • Over 18 years.
  • Be in agreement with the conditions presented in these Regulations.
  • Have notions of English and in case of being foreigners have notion of Spanish, to facilitate communication with other residents.
  • Have an idea of an experimental music video so that in the residence it will be registered or edited and finalized.
  • Enter this link, complete and submit the application form.
  • Send letter of authorization of rights signed by the members of the band or musician chosen to make the music video to the email [email protected], those who do not send the letter will not be selected.


Call closure : March 15

Results: March 20


  •  8 residents are chosen by INVE, Plataforma Experimental de Artes, and once their application forms are released, they are sent in advance to the tutors so that they are familiar with the processes that will be carried out.
  • All residents will have accommodation and food from April 11 to 16, 2017, if they do not reside in Valparaíso, each director must pay for their tickets to reach Valparaiso, Chile. The trip to Colliguay is contemplated.
  • Registration and editing tools must be brought in by residents. The organization will NOT have equipment available.
  • Once the results are announced, we will contact the selected ones so that they can advance ideas.
  • Keep in mind that teachers speak English and Portuguese, with a more limited Spanish.
  • At the end of each completed work, a short audiovisual curtain will be placed that contextualizes that the work has been done within the 4th EXPERIMENTO INVE, residence of creation, part of the 4th Proceso de Error, International Experimental Video Festival 2017. The audiovisual curtain will be facilitated to the residents during the stay in Colliguay by the production.
  • The works selected can be exhibited by INVE in other convocatories and activities.

Informations and consults: [email protected]