Cineinfinito #20: Theo Thiesmeier

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Theo Thiesmeier Films 1983 - 1995
In the presence of the artist.

Theo Thiesmeier was born in 1962 in Bochum, Germany. He studied film at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, M. between 1983-89 with Peter Kubelka and four semesters of photography with Herbert Schwöbel. He completed his film studies in 1990 at the Cooper Union in New York with Robert Breer and P. Adams Sitney while working at Anthology Film Archives with Jonas Mekas. In 1997 he founded in Berlin, together with Ute Aurand and Renate Sami, the filmSamstag, later joined by Milena Gierke, Johannes Beringer, Bärbel Freund and Karl Heil until 2007.

He has received grants from the Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film in Wiesbaden and the National Support Fund for Audiovisual Production in Luxembourg. Since 1997 he works as a filmmaker and media artist for different cultural scientific exhibitions. Together with the artist Stephan Kurr he teaches film and art in the context of institutional education. Theo Thiesmeier lives and works in Berlin.

The Super 8 films WALD – APUS – HANNOVER – DARTMOOR were shot between 1983 and 1985. They are unedited and have a maximum length of one single S 8 reel. Both image and simultaneously recorded sound are creating a very present reality with its unforeseen little adventures within the time of shooting. This affords and requires attention, concentration and excitement in the very moment of filming, together with the idea how to approach physically and visually a location, topography or architecture. –TT

- Zeche Hannover (1983, Super 8, color, sound, 3 min)
HANNOVER shows the washhouse of the last coal mine ‘Zeche Hannover’ in Bochum. –TT

- Wald Forest (1984, Super 8, color, sound, 3 min)
WALD is the Frankfurter Stadtwald. –TT

- Apus Apus (1984, Super 8, color, sound, 2 min)
APUS is the scientific name of the common swift. –TT

- Dartmoor (1985, Super 8, color, sound, 3 min)
DARTMOOR is named after the deserted landscape in Southwest England one can see in the film. –TT

- Kamera (1986, 16mm, color, sound, 5 min)
The film KAMERA made in 1989 was not only the attempt to transfer this idea to the technical requirements of a 16mm Bolex with spring mechanism, which means the maximal length of one continuous shot is about 25 seconds. I also wanted to leave deserted settings and encounter human urban life. –TT

- Baustelle - Anfangen und Aufhören (1991/1994, 16mm, color, sound, 23 min)
Between 1991 and 1995 I made the two 16mm films BAUSTELLE and BUDE , both shot in Frankfurt am Main. BAUSTELLE is an observation of an extensive construction site right in front of my apartment’s window. When they started to work I had to decide whether the noise and dirt during the next months was going to kill me or take it as a monumental live performance and film it. It’s a kind of time-lapse film, but filmed in real time, 10 seconds a day. –TT

- Bude (1992/1995/2016, 16mm, color, sound, 13 min)
The title oft the film BUDE is not translatable, because there are no such places outside Germany, where alcohol, newspaper, sweets and such things are sold, without any salesroom, and lots of customers standing outside and drinking beer, reading newspaper and talking. It's quite an urban place, where certain private attitudes are brought into a public space. I was more interested in these moments of movements, standing, posing, social interacting in general than in the single biographic stories of the protagonists, - all shots were made with three cameras simultaneously. That allowed to show most simple 'everyday-acting', edited in a way I had wanted to do for a long time. And it was as well a result of my 'non-edited' films I made before. –TT

Screening format: 2K (New transfers made exceptionally for this srceening. Digitization supervised by the filmmaker)

Cineinfinito would like to thank the author for his very close collaboration.

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Zeche Hannover (Theo Thiesmeier, 1983)
Zeche Hannover (Theo Thiesmeier, 1983)


Filmoteca de Cantabria - Santander, Spain


Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 18:30



Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 18:30
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