Bozar Cinema: VALIE EXPORT

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Screening & Talk - In the presence of VALIE EXPORT

VALIE EXPORT (Austria, 1940) is a highly influential figure in the field of conceptual media art, performance and film. Her impressive body of work encompasses all media, including film, video installation, body performance, expanded cinema, photography and sculpture. From the invention of her artist name in 1967, she started using her own body as one of the most important tools for her practice. VALIE EXPORT considers her art as a political tool in order to react against society and the establishment. Many of her performances have achieved an iconical status. Due to their highly provocative nature, some of them have raised violent polemics.

- Self-Portrait with Head (Selbstportrait mit Kopf) (Austria, 1966-7, 1’, 8 mm transferred to video)
- Remote...Remote... (Austria, 1973, 10’, 16 mm)
- Syntagma (Austria, 1984, 17’, 16 mm)
- Space-Seeing Space-Hearing (Raumsehen und Raumhören) (Austria, 1973-4, 6’, video)
- Breath Text: Love Poem (Hauchtext: Liebesgedicht) (Austria, 1970-3, 2’, video)
- I turn over the pictures of my voice in my head (Austria, 2009, 12’, video)
- TAPP und TASTKINO (Austria, 1968, 2’, documentation on the performance, film transferred to video)



Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 20:00
  • Rue Ravenstein 23
    1000   Bruxelles, Brussels
    50° 50' 39.1992" N, 4° 21' 34.218" E