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Directors Lounge Screening: Thorsten FleischDirectors Lounge Screening:
Thorsten Fleisch
Video and 16mm Film programme
Selected from his private Educational Film Archive
Thursday, 1 November 2012, 21h
Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Thorsten Fleisch, artist and filmmaker who lives in Berlin, combines many of his interests and talents in his new film Hex Suffice Cache Ten. It might be astonishing to see the experimental filmmaker and alumni of Frankfurter Städel School making a science fiction film that combines narrative B-movie aesthetics with experimental film techniques and adaptations of Manga, Cronenberg, Splatter Movie and Cyberpunk. On the other hand, the openness of the film's narrative may be read in many ways, and is possibly not only accessible but totally enjoyable for both lovers of the experimental genre and trash film addicts. In certain ways, Fleisch uses old technological artifacts in order to create science fiction, the lately popular steam punk is similar to the artist's esthetic strategies. However, over the course of the film, the dramatic interactions between the characters of the film are almost entirely resolved by some kind of screen, some intermediate interface. Furthermore, those interactions both stay ambiguous and could be characterized as being driven by irrational forces.

At the beginning of the evening, Thorsten Fleisch will show a selection from his archive of educational films. He is collecting all kinds of original silent 16mm films from science, often medical movies and educational films meant to be shown in school. These films, from 30's to 50's in esthetic ways to us often seem to be strange. They receive their new meaning by decontextualization and the alienation of time distance. They may appear funny, but the rigor of their esthetic quality may also be disclosed as having psychotic qualities.  Thus, apart from being curiosities, these collected films by Thorsten Fleisch - together with his new film "Hex Suffice Cache Ten"- may remind us of the influences contemporary media has on our subconsciousness by their mere media qualities. Something that might be harder to perceive if looking with naked eye at most recent renderings of "media normality".

- Hex Suffice Cache Ten
Produced by Thorsten Fleisch / Cinematography, Script & Music by Thorsten Fleisch
Starring Lise Ivanouw, Daniel Scheimberg, Timo Fleisch and Thorsten Fleisch
Length: 12:42 minutes / Format: HD / Year: 2012

A surreal escape of a disintegrating mind into neon-lit nightmares from a discarded future. Suddenly interferences from sub-particle proliferation occur within the protagonist's body, a transformation can't be avoided.This exploration of cinematic space within an implosion of cerebral space is a daring tale of aliens, experiments on humans, video games and mutation. It is showering the unsuspecting viewer in handmade visual and aural stimuli from planet Fleisch.

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