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Birgit Hein belongs to the filmmakers who have had a lasting influence on the history and the present scene of the experimental film. In addition to her films she wrote a number of critical texts that, since the 1970’s, helped to establish in the consciousness of a public, interested in art and film, the genre of experimental film. Birgit Hein argues that film work is impossible without a notion of the actual possibilities and purposes of the film medium, and that every single film project must be based on this general idea. Surveying a period of four decades the volume comprises a selection of Birgit Heins most important texts and interviews, complemented by commentaries and numerous unpublished photographies, which finally become accessible.

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Birgit Hein, Hanna Heidenreich (ed.), Heike Knippel (ed.), Florian Krautkrämer (ed.)


24 EUR




Publishing date: 

Friday, January 1, 2016




German, English