Wie haben Sie das gemacht? Filme von Frauen aus fünf Jahrzehnten II: Neue Formen


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Febrile, spinny and shrill, sometimes registering objectively, quietly funny or meditative: The present selection of German-language short films of women from the past 50 years is versatile - just like their makers themselves. Often there were production-technical reasons that prompted them to abandon large budgets and teams and to transform and perfect the alleged "lack" into imaginative film styles. These short films from East and West Germany are both artistic works and important testimonies of film history.


- Subjektitüde (Helke Sander, BRD 1966, s/w, 4 Min., 16 mm)
- Umwege (Susanne Beyeler, CH 1968, 22 Min., 35 mm)
- Ortsfremd … Wohnhaft Vormals Mainzer Landstrasse (Hedda Rinneberg/Hans Sachs, BRD 1977, s/w, 12 Min., 35 mm)
- Haus.Frauen Eine Collage (Helke Misselwitz, DDR 1982, Farbe, 15 Min., 35 mm)
- Samuel (Cornelia Klauß, DDR 1984, s/w, 4 Min., Super 8)
- Nocheinmal (Ute Aurand/Ulrike Pfeiffer, BRD 1987, Farbe, 5 Min., 16 mm)
(from: Oh! Die Vier Jahreszeiten, Ute Aurand/Ulrike Pfeiffer, BRD 1986/88, Farbe, 20 Min.)
- Konrad, Sprach Die Frau Mama (Ramona Köppel-Welsh, DDR 1989, 11 Min., Super 8)
- Färblein (Bärbel Freund/Rainer Bellenbaum, BRD 1990/92, Farbe, 21 Min., 16 mm)
- Fremder Mann II (Milena Gierke, BRD 1992, Farbe, 3 Min., Super 8)
- Volver (Milena Gierke, BRD 2009, Farbe, 7:30 Min., Super 8)
- Eintagsfliegen (Birgit Hein, BRD 1997, Farbe, 24 Min., U-matic)
- Fin De Siglo (Maike Höhne, BRD 1998, Farbe, 15 Min., 16 mm)
- Chica XX Mujer (Isabell Šuba, BRD 2010, 12 Min., DVCAM)

Note: This DVD is a German edition without any kind of translation/subtitles.

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Umwege (Susanne Beyeler, 1968)
Umwege (Susanne Beyeler, 1968)

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14,90 EUR


Publishing date: 

Saturday, May 31, 2014


155 min


1 DVD9









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Colour & B&W