Ariane Loze: Movies on my own

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Ariane Loze: Movies on my own
Wednesday, November 3rd, 19h
Atelier Real
Rua Poço dos Negros nº55, 1200-336 Lisboa

Lecture-screening in English

MOWN (Movies on my Own) by Ariane Loze (Belgium)

An invitation from Paula Caspão and Valentina Desideri currently in residency at the Atelier Real within the cycle “Leftovers, tracks and traces”

In a lecture/screening, Ariane Loze will present Mown (Movies on my own), a research on film editing and its dramaturgical consequences on narration. The interpretative skills of the viewers are called upon by the simple idea that narrativity is inherent to our perception. The series of films Mown is the result of a one-year research Ariane Loze developped during the Advanced Performance Training at the University of Antwerpen, and that was shown in the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels.

Paula Caspao and Valentina Desideri invited Ariane in the frame of their residence "Drama (De)vices" for they have a common interest: appropriating mechanisms of editing and mise ensemble used in film making, while trying to enlarge their contexts of use.

Free admission. Limited places.