Ann Arbor Film Festival 50th: Retrospective Screening #2

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The man who could not see far enough (Peter Rose, 1981)Ann Arbor Film Festival 50th: Retrospective Screening #2
Space exploration
curated by Mark Toscano (in person)
Thursday, October 20th, 19:30h
Michigan Theater
603 East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, 48104 Michigan

The AAFF 50th: Retrospective Screening Series continues with a program of short archival films selected and presented by guest curator Mark Toscano. Film preservationist for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Toscano curates a selection of rare and influential films from the Ann Arbor Film Festival's 50 years of exhibition history, including recently restored works from the Academy Film Archive.

Films in the program include:
- Dialectic definitions (Dana Hodgdon, 1977, 8 min.)
- Grain graphics (Dana Plays, 1978, 6 min.)
- Iota (Carolyn Faber, 1998, 6 min.)
- Roseblood (Sharon Couzin, 1974, 8 min.)
- Xfilm (John Schofill, 1968, 14 min.)
- What ignites me, extinguishes me (François Miron, 1990, 9 min.)
- The man who could not see far enough (Peter Rose, 1981, 33 min)

Toscano has restored films by Stan Brakhage, Chick Strand, Robert Nelson, Will Hindle, Pat O' Neill, Morgan Fisher and many, many more. He has curated programs for REDCAT (Los Angeles), The Museum of the Moving Image (NY), The International Film Festival Rotterdam among others. He keeps a blog on the particular challenges of preserving and restoring artists' film, titled Preservation Insanity.