Abstracta 2010 awards

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Abstract? (Alexey Dmitriev, 2009)The Russian filmmaker Alexey Dmitriev has been awarded the First Prize in the 5th edition of Abstracta, the International Exhibition of Abstract Cinema in Rome, with his work ‘Abstract?’. The international jury, presided by Spanish filmmaker Javier Aguirre, decided unanimously to award the prize to Dmitriev because 'the film shows an optimal capacity of synthesis on the debate over the values of contemporary art'

The jury, who watched the 41 films in competition this year out of 400 works from around the world, has also decided to give three special mentions:
- Rauschen & Brausen by Daniel Burkhardt, Germany, 'for an optimal highlight of the relationship between micro and macrocosm.'
- La cospiracion du Cervau by Didier Feldmann, France, 'for the exhibitional quality on a political issue addressed in an unconventional way.'
- In focus memoriae by Danilo Torre, Italy, 'for the original visual representation of the common concept of memory.'

The awarding ceremony of Abstracta was preceded by a screening of 'Objetivo 40°', (1970) by Javier Aguirre, and 'Pellicole da camera per concerto in 35mm,' a preview version of a project by Saul Saguatti.