Turbidus Film Presents Stan Brakhage & Phil Solomon

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Brakhage and Solomon are two American giants in the so-called poetic, lyrical and personal film. Stan Brakhage is one of the most influential filmmakers in American avant-garde cinema, noted for his unflinching social commentaries and technical innovations. Over his nearly 40-year career, he has made over 200 films of varying length. He made his first film, Interim (1952) at age 18 after dropping out of college. Brakhage films seek to change the way we see. They encourage viewers to eschew traditional narrative structure in favor of pure visual perception that is not reliant on naming what is seen; rather his goal is to create a more visceral visual experience, for he believes that a "stream-of visual-consciousness could be nothing less than the pathway of the soul." To this end, his films are shot in highly sensual colors and utilize minimal soundtracks. Phil Solomon is an internationally recognized filmmaker and has been teaching both film history/aesthetics and film production at CU since 1991. Professor Solomon's work has been screened in every major venue for experimental film throughout the U.S. and Europe, including 3 Cineprobes (one-man shows) at the Museum of Modern Art and two Whitney Biennials. 

These movies can only be seen on 16mm film, so this is a great opportunity to see them. 

80kr (cash only)


- Short film on Brakhage (ca 20'00)

- Elementary phrases (1994, 16 mm, 35' 00, Stan Brakhage & Phil Solomon)
This is a hand-painted and elaborately step-printed collaboration between the film makers.


- A child's garden and the serious sea (1991, 16 mm, 73' 00, Stan Brakhage)
"Anyone who hasn’t seen the feature length A Child’s Garden and the Serious Sea, a dazzling visual poem on landscape, knows as little about the grandeur and beauty that cinema is capable of as a music buff who ignores the existence of Bach." Nicole Brenez & Adrian Martin



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