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Rrose Present is a Artist of Experimental Moving Images from Barcelona, formed in Philosophy, Fine Art and Audiovisual studies. She writes with light her "Visual Thought Notes" in which she investigates different areas of the image in its formal and dialogical relationship.

As the brain processes memories with images, Rrose processes with these her personal world, she digests (with images) the images that she receive from the neural network of the global brain and dialogue with the light of other authors:

Personal works, dialogue of light with herself
Political works, dialogues with the light of the world
Dialogues with other authors (Dan Barnett)

La luz del dialogo, Rrose Present

Rrose Present es una Artista Experimental de Imágenes en Movimiento de Barcelona, formada en Filosofía, Arte, audiovisuales...
Escribe con luz sus “apuntes de pensamiento visual” en los que investiga distintos ámbitos de la imagen en su relación formal y dialógica.
Tal y como el cerebro procesa su memoria con imágenes, Rrose procesa con estas su mundo más personal, digiere (con imágenes) las imágenes que recibe de la red neuronal del cerebro global y dialoga con la luz de otros autores.

En esta sesión presentamos estas lineas principales de su trabajo.
Trabajos personales, diálogos de luz con su mundo personal
Trabajos políticos, diálogos con la luz del mundo
Dialogos con otros autores (Dan Barnett)

Personal work:
(4'48")Tempesta a les Fonts d'una memòria, 2015
(15'56") Blood Roots, 2019
(7'7") TEXTures d'un camí, 2016
(3'16") TRIPTIC, Exit to, 2015
(4'3") Buscando la Luz / caminos de luz, 2018
(2'45") RESET ME, 2017

Political work:
(3'18") ILLEGAL Contemplation, 2017
(2'25") Additive Emotions, 2017
(3'12") ODE Europe, 2014
(2'52") Todo es de color, 2015
(4'39") Codes of... senses II, 2014
(3'30") Origen del mundo

Dialogue filmed:
4' 35" Horizon of Meaning

"Rose's films are precisely honest. Their power derives from the juxtaposition of crisply evocative rhythms and imagery that is both personal and deep. The overall form of many of them is to begin the entertainment of thinking in one direction and then shift direction to carve a precise shape in thought. The levels of introspection this creates are like the stages in discourse.The complexity of the relationship between the direction of thought and the rhythms that propel it are wonderful." -Daniel Barnett

Introduction by Filmmaker and Curator Lili White

Doors 8pm. Films start at 830.

$10 suggested donation

questions/concerns/comments: [email protected]

Rrose Present: Thanks to Lumia, Dan Barnett, Lili White and Oriol Sanchez
and some that I do not remember but they are ...

* Please no outside of Alcohol.


De Miércoles, Julio 24, 2019 - 20:00 hasta Jueves, Julio 25, 2019 - 19:55



De Miércoles, Julio 24, 2019 - 20:00 hasta Jueves, Julio 25, 2019 - 19:55