Besides the Screen 2020 Festival

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The Besides the Screen 2020 festival takes place online, with a different live screening every Tuesday and Thursday in August.

The opening is this Saturday, August 1st, with Susan Schuppli’s Trace Evidence. The festival program is packed with amazing video-essays, experimental animations and documentary shorts from all over the world. Check the full synopsis at our website and follow the scheduled playlist on YouTube.

Sessions begin at a set time (12pm EST / 6pm CET) and loop for eight hours straight, giving plenty of opportunities for people in different time zones to catch up.

But don’t miss it! In true film festival spirit, each screening is exclusive and won’t repeat any other day.

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Participating shorts: Lignano Pineta (Anna Dabrowska, 2020), A Cristalização de Brasília (Guerreiro do Divino Amor, 2019), Just Like Us (Jesse Mclean, 2013), Kopacabana (Khalil Charif & Marcos Bonisson, 2019), Earthsatz (Dylan Cote & Pierre Lafanechère, 2019), Serial Parallels (Max Hattler, 2019), Spectrum (Jeroen Cluckers, 2019), Triptych (Sergey Maslov, 2020), Mei’ei (Ghost World IV) (Jerome Boulbes, 2019), Abstract Horror (Franz Milec, 2019), She Can Run, She Can Hide (Victoria Vanderpool, 2020), The Philosophy of Horror (Part I): Etymology (Péter Lichter, 2019), CAN’T ANSWER YOU ANY MORE (ON FACES) (Matt Whitman, 2019), On clear day you can see forever (Ian Haig, 2019), swiping compressed filtered love (et enfin, permettre l’incontrôlable) (Marie-Eve Levasseur, 2019), Even Asteroids Are Not Alone (Jón Bjarki Magnússon, 2018), Breakdown (Daren Kendall, 2020), Persistent Disturbance (Laurien Bachmann & Sebastian Six, 2019), Two (Vasilios Papaioannu, 2018), Al Bahr (Fairuz Ghammam, 2018), 18 (Mikhail Zheleznikov, 2019), Power Trip (Christopher Boulton, 2018), Reproduction Interdite (Johannes Binotto, 2019), Hard (Luksuz Produkcija, 2019), Which Image (Carla Miguelote, 2018), Recoding Art (Bruno Moreschi & Gabriel Pereira, 2019), Cirkut/Canadettes (Sara Angelucci, 2019), Searching for the Perfect Gentleman – an investigative journey (Lena Windisch, 2019), 2006 The Only Year That I Remember (Alberto Van den Eynde, 2019), At Home But Not At Home (Suneil Sanzgiri, 2019), We Love Me (Naween Noppakun, 2017), 7FF On¢idia (Ж, 2017), IWantToBeACyborg (Fabiola Larios, 2019), En lo Virtual (Fabiola Larios, 2018), EXIsT (Mónica Delori, 2016), O rio escapa (Eduardo Makoszay Mayén, 2019), Sueño de casa (Amauta García, 2018), Terra Incognita (Juan Covelli, 2019), Primitive Geometry (Alper Durmaz, 2018), Skinned (Francesca Fini, 2018), Pesste (Federico Lamas, 2019), Violent Equation (Vassilis Konstandopoulos, 2019), The Gods of Tiny Things (Deborah Kelly, 2019), .MP4 (Kadavre Exquis, 2019), Angklung Life (Michael Vasquez, 2020) Loor-Leigh Woods (Theo Scott, 2019), Obstacle (Arnaud Laffond, 2016), The FlatNet (Mikhail Maksimov, 2020).


De Sábado, Agosto 1, 2020 - 12:00 hasta Viernes, Agosto 28, 2020 - 19:55



De Sábado, Agosto 1, 2020 - 12:00 hasta Viernes, Agosto 28, 2020 - 19:55