Anatomy of silence

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Video Art Miden presents “Anatomy of silence“, a Greek video art selection curated by Gioula Papadopoulou, at [.BOX] Videoart Project Space, Milan, from 5 to 19 of March 2020.

The selection gathers visual works that silently but sharply comment on human existence, through strong symbolic images and minimalistic actions. The selection features 9 video works by acclaimed and emerging video artists from Greece.

Participant artists: Babis Venetopoulos, For Cancel [Takis Zerdevas, Zoi Pirini, Makis Faros], Makis Faros, Gioula Papadopoulou, Poly Kokkinia, Alexandros Kaklamanos, Fotis Kolokithas, Yiannis Pappas, Anna Vasof.

Artist’s bios & description of the works may be found here:

[.BOX] Videoart Project Space is an independent space dedicated to Italian and international video art, located in the heart of the Isola district in Milan and managed by the Italian videoart platform Visualcontainer. With its 20 square meters used as a video projection room and multimedia project space, since 2010 it has been the reference point for video art in the cultural panorama of Milan thanks to important close collaborations with successful international video art festivals, academic institutional spaces and curatorial collaborations. Every month the programming of [.BOX] aims to offer a privileged look at the panorama of Italian and international video art, as well as to create a place of open dialogue and sharing, connecting the local reality of Milan with the international sphere.

Video Art Miden is an independent organization for the exploration and promotion of video art. Founded by an independent group of Greek artists in 2005, it has been one of the earliest specialized video-art festivals in Greece, setting as basic aims to stimulate the creation of original video art, to help spread it and develop relevant research.
Through collaborations and exchanges with major international festivals and organizations, it has been recognized as one of the most successful and interesting video art platforms internationally and as an important cultural exchange point for Greek and international video art. Miden screening programs have traveled in many cities of Greece and all over the world, and they are hosted by significant festivals, museums and institutions globally.

(*Miden means “zero” in Greek)

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De Jueves, Marzo 5, 2020 (Todo el día) hasta Jueves, Marzo 19, 2020 (Todo el día)



De Jueves, Marzo 5, 2020 (Todo el día) hasta Jueves, Marzo 19, 2020 (Todo el día)
  • Via F. Confalonieri 11
    20124   Milan
    45° 29' 11.9904" N, 9° 11' 26.574" E