Pavel, Kieran

Mondo Corretto (abbreviated and stylized as MoCo) presents Kieran Pavel’s photographing and filming work. Since 2011, he publishes a new photography each day and builds up a conceptual and narrative work, sometimes developed in series, or through multimedia projects (photography, film, animation, music, installation, etc.).

Don’t believe that it is a personal diary; this artistic work plays with the digital photography codes and of the absurdity of a fake daily approach. The published images and films are neither produced nor published spontaneously day after day, but are the result of a rigorous production and are almost always programmed in advance.

Mondo Corretto is a project in a state of permanent construction, which is articulated in several phases. The first one is organized over four years and develops a pictorial continuity voluntarily non-interventionist, as much in photography than in short films, and proposes the exploration of a real and personal universe.