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Alshahibi, Usama (VC)
Andy Joule Films

Video channel for UK based experimental film-maker Andy Joule

Angerame, Dominic (VC)
Baptista, Mónica
Bowman, Brice (VC)
Brzeziński, Michał (VC)
Cabrera Bernal, Alberto (VC)
Cine Reciclado (VC)
Colburn, Martha (VC)
David King's experimental video channel

This video channel hosts some interesting works from the 1960's and 1970's as well as work from more conemporary artists, and his own exp

Disassociative Productions

The Disassociative Collective is an avant-garde attack to develop consciousness against the spectacle, to wake up the spectator, and to d

Enns, Clint (VC)
Gamboa, Irving
Godovannaya, Masha

Masha Godovannaya was born in Moscow in 1976 where she studied music and publishing before leaving for the United States in order to join

Harmon, Raymond Salvatore (VC)
Ipeker, Eytan
Keen, Jeff (VC)
Le Cain, Maximilian (VC)

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Le Grice, Malcolm (VC)
Lee, Hang Jun (VC)
Lemaître, Maurice (VC)
Levine, Saul (VC)
Liotta, Jeanne (VC)
Lipe, Kenzie

“USER NOT FOUND”  is an ode to the end of a toxic relationship, and how these memories can live on through technology.

Los Angeles Filmforum (VC)

Filmforum is Los Angeles longest running venue for experimental film and video art, documentaries, and animation.

Maia, Pedro (VC)

Visit Pedro Maia's profile on Vimeo. Use Vimeo to share the videos you make with the people you want.

Media in Motion (VC)

Media in Motion
Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg Fülepp

Menkman, Rosa (VC)
Meranda, Yoel
Molina Guerrero, Pablo


Outer Space travel

Space travels in motion and animated Rorschach tests.



Paoli, Olivier
Pierce, Leighton (VC)
Rashidi, Rouzbeh (VC)
Rose, Peter (VC)