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Ahh good point, I was actually wondering about if there was a way to set up a forum to accommodate the installation artist.
Due to the points you mentioned and others, it seems difficult to find an effective means of representing this work in isolation from the media which it utilises.
As is inevitably going to be the case with a site that encourages work to be put into categories, there is always going to be a vast amount of content that does not fit comfortably into any.
To refer back to your example of the installation with multi 8mm projections, I agree that it is extremely difficult, because - yes this would constitute being in the film category, yes it would constitute being in an installation category (if we were to set that up) and if you were to be presenting a visual documentation of one of your prior installations it could (arguably), be perceived as documentary also.

So how could we satisfactorily categorise a work like this, my feeling is we can't, no more than we can satisfactorily categorise a documentary piece that utilises film, video and animation.

I thought about including many different sub-categories in each forum, I thought about cross referencing the different submissions in a way similar to how the VideoEx festival selects different categorises in their program each year (http://www.videoex.ch/) and this may prove to be worthwhile if this forum becomes as popular as I would like it to.

But for the time being, I want it to be the experimental, unorthodox approach, which is the real focal point of this forum, above any specifics regarding the literal form into which this approach manifests itself.
Ok I have created some initial categories, but I have tried to keep them as liberal and open to interpretation as possible, I think it best if these categories are treated as negotiable and open to creative interpretation, rather than rigid and strict. Of course this will not please the puritans who want there discipline to be represented precisely and it will not please those liberal thinkers who may wish everything to be completely open and have less categorisation than there is at present.

But it seems like it will be impossible to please everyone, in short what I want to encourage is for people to interpret and negotiate the categories creatively, but I am also sympathetic to the fact that a specific discipline may not be fairly represented (I feel with installation art for example, this may indeed be true).
But as for installation art specifically, as it is not really my area, I find it difficult to know how we could satisfactorily represent this discipline. If you have an idea or solution for this problem please let me know and we'll see how it works out.
Anyway thanks for posting your thoughts, and I am exited about seeing some examples of your work once a satisfactory forum to accommodate it has been realised.

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